Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.
Bringing hope. Changing lives.
Bringing hope. Changing lives.
Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.
Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.
Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.
Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.
Hope Worldwide. Bringing Hope. Changing Lives.

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Apply Now For HYC 2015

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UPDATE: We are still accepting applications for several of the Summer HYC sites.  Apply here.

Complete payments for Summer HYC sites are due by May 1.  Payments can be made online by clicking here.


Into All The World!

This year we are literally going into all the world. We are also starting some new and exciting programs. So start planning and saving! 

Make a difference in this world by serving people less privileged than you, and build memories that will change your life forever!

“Helping the poor is part of our Christianity. It is not an option. Jesus was always with the poor. I am convicted by the gratitude I saw in people on HYC…I want to go on a mission team, take a risk and grab opportunities to serve. I want to have no regrets. I also want to grow in humility through this kind of service.” –  Alexandro Holguin, New Mexico, USA

 I came back from HOPE Youth Corps inspired to give my all in life, to push myself to do my very best in all aspects of my life. I decided that I wanted to build a stronger connection to God and that I would dedicate my life to help others with kindness.”  – Maydeline Suherlan, Indonesia. Maydeline was baptized a few weeks after the 2013 India HYC.



 *We will also offer two December HYC sites (Philippines and Fiji) – applications to open for those sites in June 2015.


You are required to pay a $300 deposit in order for us to process your application. Once you are accepted to the program, that deposit becomes non-refundable and is credited toward your participation fee. May 1 is the deadline for all final payments of your participation fee.


Questions?  Please contact Emily Shapiro, International Volunteer Programs Coordinator, at hyc@hopeww.org or 484-586-3611.



(Age requirement for U.S. sites – high school (age 15 and older) and campus students)

* Anchorage, Alaska

4 sessions to choose from:

  • Anchorage 1: June 1-14
  • Anchorage 2: June 15- June 28
  • Anchorage 3: June 29-July 12  (FULL)
  • Anchorage 4: August 9-22

Sustainable living and Mentoring: HYC participants will assist in the planning, organizing, and implementation of the Gateway to the Arctic Camp’s first summer of operation. The Gateway to the Arctic Camp is a brand-new agricultural youth camp that has been built over the past year by the Great Land Christian Church and the Alaska Chapter of HOPE worldwide. Participants will be responsible for learning the curriculum, preparing activities, and providing mentorship and support to the youth during camps. These camps will be offered to at-risk youth in the community. In addition, participants will likely assist in construction activities (when youth are not present), as the camp is still in development.  This camp is an exciting new venture in sustainable agriculture, in keeping with present trends and development of the non-profit world. It focuses on empowering communities to grow their own food.

Price: $1,270 plus flight

 * Austin, Texas (age 16 and over)

June 1-10

Construction: The volunteers will build a house for a low-income family in the Austin area. The project will be facilitated by the non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity. They will also interact with the beneficiary families.  This is a new program with a hands-on approach on construction activities.

Price: $ 770 plus flight (if needed)

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3 sessions to choose from:

  • Philadelphia 1: June 13-27  (FULL)
  • Philadelphia Girl Corps**: July 5-18
  • Philadelphia 2: July 25- August 8  (FULL)

Mentoring: Participants will mentor the “Camp Miracles” at risk kids from the Philadelphia Chapter Saturday academy at the HOPE for Kids camp outside Philadelphia. They will also serve with the ODAAT (One Day at a Time) program in Philadelphia and take part in a sustainable agriculture program.  This is one of our oldest and most successful HYC programs. Hundreds of young people have taken part over the years, making it one of our most effective programs.

**Girl Corps:  Girl Corps is a life-changing, all-girls HOPE Youth Corps geared towards young women looking to serve the community and grow in their spiritual walk. In its third year, the Girl Corps will be serving in multiple facets in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. These opportunities include mentoring an all-girls Camp Miracles program at Camp Hope for Kids in Schwenksville, putting together a specialty project on Camp grounds, and working closely with the women and children of One Day At A Time, a rehabilitation program in North Philadelphia. 

Price: $ 1,000 plus flight (if needed)

* Dallas, Texas 

July 7-20

Mentoring: Serve and teach inner-city kids at the Dallas “Camp Miracles” – the summer program of the Dallas Saturday Academy. This is a veteran program with a proven track record of ten years. Many young people have turned to Christ after taking part in the Dallas HYC. It is run by one of our more experienced site leaders, Derik Vett, who is also Chairman of the HYC Committee.

Price: $1,200 plus flight (if needed)

* Oahu, Hawaii 

July 7-17  (FULL)

Sustainable living and mentoring: Participants will be involved in mentoring at a transitional homeless shelter, working with Habitat for Humanity, and helping with the preservation and clean-up of Waimea Falls and Lo’i patch. Lo’i patch is the site where taro root is grown. Participants will have a chance to see how native Hawaiians have grown this important sustainable crop.  This is a repeat program, having enjoyed much success in the past teaching youth to reach out and get involved in the local Hawaiian culture.

Price: $ 1,500 plus flight


(Age requirement: 18 and over for U.S. and Canada participants; 15 and over for other nationalities)

* Jakarta, Indonesia

June 1-14

Open to: Teens, campus students, singles, and families

Construction and mentoring: Participants will spend a lot of their time in construction / renovation work and will also teach underprivileged youth at the Jakarta Saturday Academy.  This is a new program in one of the most vibrant cities of Asia, among some of our most dynamic HOPE worldwide programs in the world, run by one of our most effective affiliates.

Price: $ 1,130 plus flight

* Novosibirsk, Russia

June 29- July 19

Open to: Teens and campus students

Two weeks of service in underprivileged communities in Novosibirsk followed by mentoring at a one week church teen camp.  In the first two weeks participants will serve at a hospital, a home for retired veterans, and an orphanage. In the third week, the HYC participants will serve as counselors at teen camp.  This is a new and exciting program, a combination of service and teen camp in a multi-cultural environment. Half of the participants will be local Russian, and half will come from outside Russia.

Price: $ 1,150 plus flight

* China

July 9-23

Open to: Teens, campus students, singles and families

Teach English in Mainland China

For more information on this program contact nadine_templer@hopeww.org

Price: $ 1,450 plus flight

* La Paz, Bolivia

July 11-22

Open to: Teens, campus students, singles, and families

Service in La Paz underprivileged communities. Participants will serve in an orphanage, a country school, a hospital, and a homeless shelter over the course of the program.  This is a new program in one of the most beautiful but also neediest cities of South America.

Price: $ 1,210 plus flight and visa

* Budapest, Hungary

July 12-23                                                           

The European HOPE worldwide conference is likely to take place right before or right after this HYC / HSC, so participants will have the option to join the conference as well.

Open to: Teens, campus students, singles and families

Refurbishing shelters and mentoring: Participants will improve the infrastructure of several shelters for the homeless and underprivileged children. They will also spend time mentoring and teaching those children.  This is a new program in the heart of Europe, in one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities of the world. The needs are still many though, and the participants will be sure to make an impact on the communities they will serve.

Price: $ 1,150 plus flight

* Nairobi, Kenya

July 13-24

Open to: Teens, campus students, singles and families

Construction and mentoring: Participants will volunteer at a children’s home, teaching and improving infrastructure. They will also assist local underprivileged schools with activities such as tree planting, refurbishing, etc.  Kenya boasts some of the most experienced HOPE worldwide staff and programs, and this promises to be an exciting trip!

Price: $ 1,740 plus flight

* Kingston, Jamaica

July 21 – August 1 

Open to: Campus students and singles 

Mentoring: Participants will volunteer at a children’s home for underprivileged youth, and mentor teenagers.  This is a repeat program, after the tremendous success of the 2014 Jamaica HYC!

Price: $ 1,420 plus flight


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