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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Washington "Insiders" Praise Disciples as Volunteers

Dear Church Leader,

The updates like this one you hopefully are receiving each month usually focus on the story of a life that has been changed through the support and partnership of churches like yours. 

This month, however, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share encouraging comments about our church partners and volunteers from high profile speakers at our recent annual meeting, the HOPE worldwide Global Summit.

We would appreciate your sharing these monthly updates with your congregation.

Any comments, questions or suggestions you may have are welcome. Thank you for being a voice for the poor.

God bless,

HOPE worldwide Vice President of Development, David Blenko
David Blenko
HOPE worldwide Vice President of Development

We were tremendously heartened not only by our outside speakers' emphasis on the importance of a life of faith and service but also by their recognition of the awesome hearts and impact of our church supporters. Here are just a few:

HOPE worldwide's Global Summit: Mara Vanderslice praises HOPE worldwide volunteersMara Vanderslice, Special Assistant to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, told of her own personal experience of helping Latin Americans in poverty, motivated by her faith. She said it is a top priority of her office to involve faith based groups in work to help those in need in the current economic downturn. She praised those involved in this work, citing Isaiah 58:10 and saying, "God's heart is broken as ours are when people suffer."  Describing HOPE worldwide as a pioneer in partnerships to help the poor, Vanderslice said, “Please bring us new ideas that work.”

HOPE worldwide's Global Summit: Ralph Boyd thanks HOPE worldwide for its example and effortRalph F. Boyd, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Freddie Mac Foundation, said, “HOPE worldwide is well-positioned to serve because you are built on the model of the ministry of Jesus...I want to help cultivate the seeds you are sowing in your ministry because I see the fruits of your labor to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.” He praised the commitment of HOPE worldwide’s church partners and volunteers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina , “You can put boots on the ground as quickly as any organization except the military."

Thank you for your enduring faith, which enables you to tirelessly serve the needy with true compassion bringing hope and changing lives in your community and around the globe. As Paul stated in 2 Corinthians 4:5, we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as servants for Jesus' sake. Without you, there would be no HOPE worldwide.

The pledge of support from church volunteers brings much needed help to the poor. Thank you. Without you, there is no hope.
The pledge of support from church volunteers brings much needed help to the poor.
Thank you. Without you, there is no hope.

To read more about this year’s Global Summit and programs around the globe go to www.hopeww.org.

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