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Jenny Tate, a member of the HOPE worldwide board, and her family live in the San Diego area. Here is her account:

South California wildfires: donateAs a Board member of HOPE worldwide I am usually engaged in finding ways to help those in distress. In San Diego, when the fires started and the 50 to 60 mph winds began to spread them like lightening, the realization came that this time my daughters and I were the ones in danger. Monday evening we were told to evacuate our home. I gave each of my daughters a small bag in which they could bring along anything of particular importance to them. As we drove away from our home I asked each of the girls what they had chosen for their bags. My 11 year old daughter had the picture of NeNe and PaPa along with the last letter received from NeNe (grandparents who have recently passed away). My 7 year old had stowed away her Bible. Times like these certainly help focus our priorities. The girls and I have returned to our home. Many others have no home to which they can return. Please join us in helping those in distress in the Southern California area. 

Prayer Request - Please join us in praying for those affected by the wildfires in Southern California. full story

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