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2017 Global Conference Main Sessions / TED Talks
The 2017 HOPE worldwide Global Conference was held the first weekend of October at the historic Quinn Chapel in Chicago. More than 700 participants from around the globe experienced a time of inspiration, information, challenge and encouragement based around the theme “One Day.”  Take some time and enjoy the videos below.   

One Vision - Robert Carrillo

CEO & President of HOPEww, Robert Carrillo, delivers a rousing opening speech for the 2017 Global conference.  The historic Quinn Chapel provided the perfect backdrop to an incredible vision for the world.  

One Love - Dr. Gregg Marutzky

The One Love devotional is an in depth look at love from a biblical perspective.  Righteousness, faithful and mercy are core to living compassionate and loving lives.  Dr. Gregg teaches with great passion, conviction and knowledge. 

Healing - Lin Ottenweller

Our world is wounded and many of us have felt the effects.  Lin shares inspirational thoughts about how healing the whole person can change the whole world. 

The Power of Volunteerism - Shane Engel

The true heart of volunteerism has the power to save lives and has greatly impacted the world throughout history.   

Funding Change - Russ Hargrove 

Russ, HOPEww's Chief Development Officer, provides thoughtful and innovative ways that ordinary people can have extraordinary impact.  

Breaking Cycles of Poverty - Dr. Marc Aguirre

Dr. Marc and his colleagues have been researching and developing a dynamic Early Childhood Development program in Africa.  The research is sound and the impact is world changing. 

Transforming Communities - Ian Correa

Ian offers great insights into the true nature of empowerment and how compassion and trust goes along way in regards to community transformation and development.   

One Voice - AT & Marci Arneson

AT and Marci Arneson lead the great Chicago International Church of Christ.  AT offers a compelling and challenging message to hear the voice.  

One Day - Robert Carrillo 

Robert closes out the conference with the final One Day speech with a call to keep our hearts and minds focused on what is most important.   
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