Dear Friend of HOPE worldwide,

God bless you for your ongoing compassion as you continue to provide healing and hope to more than two million of the world's poor. Your donations this year have helped HOPEworldwide provide much needed medical care to the sick and injured, long-term relief and support to disaster victims, a safe place for orphans and abandoned children and so much more.

Now, thanks to several HOPE worldwide donors, we are able to provide a matching gift challenge of $60,000. These supporters are asking you to join them in giving a gift to HOPE worldwide by December 31. 

As you read this, you are so close to touching the life of a person in need of your compassion. But time is growing short. We'd love to hear from you today. To give your year-end gift immediately, please click here

On behalf of the entire HOPE worldwide team, we wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

God bless,

Randy Jordan 
CEO, HOPE worldwide

P.S. A reminder that in order to receive a 2012 U.S. tax deduction, you must make your donation no later than December 31. Thank you in advance for your generous year-end gift.