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Hungary HYC

Over 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain unemployment and homelessness in Hungary are rife, institutions providing shelter to those in need are bleak and underfunded. HOPE worldwide Hungary has been supporting places of safety for vulnerable families for nearly 20 years and we will build on this to provide further valuable service. The HYC 2017 Hungary will add to our support of these institutions by not only cleaning and painting buildings but by infusing color thru mural art and fun thru kids programs in English, leaving behind lasting memories and Basic English knowledge.

The families we serve typically have less possessions than you could fit in your suitcase. A tough economic climate and other social factors have seen them arrive at almost rock bottom. Our aim is to uplift and empower them as they find their way back into stable housing and employment. We work closely with the residents, sometimes they help out with the work sometimes they just want to chat or even give us stuff. Out of their extreme poverty their generosity is extremely moving as Sue from New Jersey a married mom of two explains:

"I wanted to THANK YOU both for all you and your family did to make HYC an incredible experience! I know it took a lot of planning and prayer and energy to have all go so well... It was so great to see first-hand how all the participants bonded so quickly and became "best friends" in just 2 weeks... the power of unity in Christ! My experience and time in Budapest with the group and with the Church family was so much more than I had expected. Serving the families by brightening up their (temporary) homes was so rewarding. It was so beautiful and transformed it into a happy place for them and the staff. All their gratitude in serving us with cookies and coffee and the gift on the last day really moved my heart... To meet the church and get to know the disciples was encouraging. Their stories were inspiring and helped me understand more deeply the impact of a mission team - the impact of going out to all nations! I was so happy to spend time with and get to know the women who sacrificed and served HYC every day. Their hearts... and food are amazing!" - Sue, New Jersey  
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In both 2015 and 2016 we had incredibly exciting, spiritually refreshing and rewarding HYC’s. We painted, taught and played our way thru two weeks of hard work. 2017 will be much of the same except that HYC in Hungary up until now has been based solely in the capital city of Budapest which also happens to be by far the wealthiest part of the country. We want to serve both in Budapest and venture further afield as rural poverty in Hungary is quite extreme for such a developed nation.

For the first week of the program we undertake refurbishment of an institute for vulnerable families and children in Budapest. The families voluntarily chip and help with the work. which makes for a very rewarding experience as we get to know and interact closely with families in very tough life situations. We not only paint and restore, we spend time playing games with the kids and interacting with the residents. We have children’s programs every day for both the residents and the HYC participants.

Our accommodation in luxury serviced apartments is of a very high quality and very suitable for families with children. We offer a separate apartment for each family that enrolls. The on-site meals too are are gourmet standard and many are home cooked Hungarian specialties. Our own 3 children who are aged 13, 11 and 5 have had a total blast on previous HYC’s.
The first weekend includes service activities at the site with local volunteers on our annual HOPE worldwide Day of Service and evangelism as you travel to site. On the Sunday you have the opportunity to lead the church service for the Budapest Church of Christ. Even if you are not a regular preacher or worship leader, you can join in the fun!

For the second half of the program we head to the small town of SzendrĹ‘ in the north east of Hungary to run an English language summer camp for children whose many of whom’ s parents earn the minimum wage or less. Native English speakers are a rarity in rural Hungary and your natural skills are used to give the children a chance to improve their communication skills as a certificate in a foreign language is mandatory for college graduation in Hungary. The camp will also offer dancing, sports and other fun activities, all in English of course. If you are not a qualified English teacher we will train you starting with you registering for a free 15 hour online TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Foundation course. Further guidance in the area of adventure teaching is given onsite before you start to teach your groups.

We have worked in this city before painting houses after a severe flood caused huge damage to the town. Some of the houses don’t have electricity or running water and residents have to draw water from a hand pump on the street nearby. Life is tough in these parts and we aim to bring fun and friendship whilst imparting vital skills. We will also visit poor families in the afternoons after the English camp.

The Mayor of the city and the head of the elementary school are extremely excited to have us and have laid on great accommodation, food and a the opportunity to discover one of Europe’s largest cave systems.

Selection priority but not exclusivity will be given to applicants who are qualified, skilled or experienced in the following areas:

- Teaching English
- Teaching
- Dancing
- Sports coaching
- Construction, general home maintenance and home repair.
- Both artistic and household painting.
- Journalism and media

HYC Budapest was rated by participants as having
* great communication before the program
* personal involvement of the local leaders, great connection with the local disciples and great to be able to run the Sunday service
* great service projects with great connection to the beneficiaries
* great devotionals and teaching
* great accommodation

Some further comments from past participants: 

“I had never worked with the homeless more than giving them food on the street. This trip extended my heart to a new group of people. My suitcase carried a fraction of what I own and it still was more than everything these people had.” - Katie, Boston

“I realized why God took me to Budapest... for me to learn compassion!” - Yanie, Jakarta, Indonesia.

"My favorite part about serving on HYC was the ability to live like the first century church for a small period of time. We ate together, shared our faith together, traveled together, prayed together, served together, and loved together. It was incredible to see the beautiful bond that we built in just 10 short days from imitating the first century church. Our apartment was an open layout so we could truly bond as sisters. I felt very safe in the city and the Szabad family (local church leaders) helped us to get around. Having the opportunity to live in the middle of downtown and use the public transportation allowed us to truly experience the Hungarian culture. I loved that we were able to go to the island and share our faith, evangelizing on the island and on public transportation made the trip more challenging (in a good way!). I have to admit – the painting and playing with the kids was not that hard. Some days we were completely exhausted, but most days were fun. This trip was extremely memorable and I am so grateful that I was able to experience it." - Jenna, Arizona State U.

For more information and a chance to ask questions directly of previous HYC participants join our Facebook group: HYC Budapest Applicants by clicking here!

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Come extend your heart and deepen your compassion in stunningly beautiful Budapest.

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