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Building and Sustaining Healthier Lives

They are the poorest of the poor. They live in Cambodia, Bolivia and other impoverished nations. Sadly, many of the medical problems they face are treatable maladies such as respiratory infections, diabetes, and diarrhea. Unfortunately, diseases such as dengue, tuberculosis, whooping cough and HIV/AIDS occur frequently in poverty-stricken areas of the world. The poor have little access or money to pay for quality healthcare.

In response to this great need, HOPE worldwide has established a number of medical facilities and clinics that provide high-quality and compassionate medical care to those in need. HOPE worldwide also focuses on raising up and empowering the next generation of healthcare workers. Our hospitals and medical clinics provide doctors, nurses and medical technicians with vital training and real world experience. As they grow in knowledge and skill, we know the patients they serve will flourish.

HOPE worldwide has launched hospitals and clinics in Cambodia and Bolivia, but our plan is to expand to other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with a unique sustainability model. It works on a simple principle: plant a medical outreach, reap an enduring harvest of life-sustaining care.

Using a hospital or clinic as a foundation, we believe we can establish a sustainable system of treatment. By offering high-quality medical services, we seek to attract local patients with the financial means to pay in full for the services provided. The profits from these cash-paying individuals are then used to fund those who can’t afford medical care. This “miracle math” can make medical miracles possible for people of all social and economic backgrounds.

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