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U.S. Youth Programs

Increase the odds
The singular focus of our North American Youth Programs is to Increase the Odds that America’s youth can be successful and productive citizens. Our 37,500 volunteers around the country engage in a broad array of local youth initiatives. On the national level, we provide several signature youth programs that engage young people as early as kindergarten to serve their communities. These programs provide a progressive set of opportunities to give, learn and grow through HOPE worldwide .
National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC)
The National Youth Advisory Council(NYAC) is made up of 60 of our most distinguished leaders under the age of 24. With the guidance of the National Director of Youth Programs, the NYAC Executive Leadership Team, an exemplary group of five young servant leaders, provides direction for the council through Regional Coordinators and special committees. The NYAC mobilizes our 3,500 student volunteers on 200 university and college campuses across the United States and Canada in meaningful service. The National Youth Advisory Council organizes HOPE worldwide Signature Youth Service Days (SYSD) twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters. NYAC members also play an active part in many of our other programs, routinely serving in leadership capacities for our summer programs. Select NYAC members serve as youth advisers to the White House helping to shape policy messaging to our nation’s youth. Other members serve as interns to HOPE ww staff and Chapter Directors. The NYAC is noted for its members’ high academic achievement, moral character and commitment to service. We believe investment in our youth is critical: NYAC members receive a wide range of training and experience as we recognize that they are the future of HOPE worldwide in the United States.
STEM Academy, STEM curriculm
Our STEM Academies, currently operating in 27 cities, are designed to give children in undeserved communities a safe and nurturing environment for learning. Our Saturday, summer and after-school programs utilize a nationally evaluated curriculum focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. These programs also incorporate supplemental lessons on character building and integrate arts and sports-based activities. Additionally, STEM Academies focus on providing family enrichment sessions for parents and primary caregivers covering a wide range of topics such as family building, parenting, life skills, time and money management, aerobics and computer literacy. These programs are volunteer staffed. STEM Academies help build better futures for urban youth through love, mentoring and education.

Hope Scouts
Hope Scouts was founded by our youngest volunteers and is aimed at creating opportunities for students in kindergarten through 8th grade to contribute to HOPE worldwide programs and efforts in meaningful ways. This program enables children to impact those in need while instilling a commitment to service in their hearts. Under the supervision of their Scout Leaders, troops routinely support local programs and distinguish themselves by their passionate service. There are currently Hope Scouts troops in over 30 cities and three countries. They are an inspiration to us all.

For more information, contact Kelly Baldwin, National Director of Youth Programs, at  Kelly.Baldwin@hopeww.org

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