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Haiti Update: Needs Assessment Report

For a PDF version of the report below click here: Haiti Needs Assessment Report

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For a PDF of the full report click here: Haiti Needs Assessment Report




LesCayesLady.jpgSITUATION REPORT - OCTOBER 13, 2016:

The situation continues to be difficult in Haiti as recovery begins after Hurricane Matthew. Haiti was already in dire need and at risk for many different diseases like cholera, made all the worse by the devastation left behind by the Hurricane. 

According to the last figures issued by the government, it is estimated that 1,410,907 people are in need humanitarian assistance, representing 12.9% of the population of the country (10.9M), whilst 2.1 million people have been affected by Hurricane Matthew (OCHA).  HOPE worldwide has been on the ground delivering much needed food, water, water purification tablets and other needed materials in Les Cayes - one of the most devastated areas in Haiti.  Today our reponse teams visited an orphanage in Les Cayes that has lost 60% of their main structure. Throughout the days to come Wade Cook, VP of US Programs and Charles Ham, Coordinator of Disaster Response will work alongside other relief agencies to address current needs and develop plans for a longer-term recovery effort. Our response team to these hardest hit remote regions includes Danny and Gillian Brisebois, and John Flemming from Canada, as well as Lesly Cadet, Emanuel, Jethro and others from Port-au-Prince. Wade and Charles report that despite the intense hardships, they have been inspired by the hearts and the brave spirits of all the people they have encountered.

Your Disaster Response gift can help families recover from this devestating hurricane: 


HOPE worldwide has been collaborating with the United Nations, other international non-profits and the Haitian Government 

HOPEww meeting with UN, local non-profits and the Haitan Government 





October 13th is the United Nations Day for Disaster Reduction! As part of our coordinated relief for Hurricane Matthew, HOPEww staff visited the Village of HOPE in Haiti which was established after the devastating earthquake of 2010. The community is home to about 50 families, all who had absolutely no place to go after the 2010 earthquake. Your steadfast support helped these families recover and weather the recent storm!


 Village of HOPE in Haiti: This is one of the 50 homes built after the 2010 earthquake, funded by faithful donors to HOPE worldwide