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Volunteers Needed for HSC Ukraine

CALLING all risk takers! CALLING all servants! We have a HOPE worldwide Singles Corps that is perfect for you! On June 1, 2017, there will be a dedicated group of men and women headed to serve in Kiev, Ukraine. We currently need more volunteers to sign up for this incredible opportunity, so please apply TODAY! Campus students and married couples (no children) are also welcome to join.
Ukraine is a vibrant country in so many ways. The culture is rich, and yet the needs are many. This country has seen war, conflicts and severe poverty.
HOPE worldwide Ukraine runs several programs in Kiev. As participants on the Singles Corps, you will have an opportunity to serve war refugees, help senior citizens renovate and clean up their homes and serve at an orphanage. You will also spend time with the Kiev Church as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. The festivities will include a singles conference where you’ll be able to encourage singles from all over Eurasia.
Your time in Kiev promises to be a time of great spiritual growth. You will hear devotionals every morning on the theme of helping the poor. You will also have daily discussion groups in the evenings to reflect on lessons learned each day. Wade Cook, a long-time evangelist who currently serves as the Vice President of U.S. Programs for HOPE worldwide, will personally lead this Singles Corps. Shawn and Lena Wooten will also teach some of the lessons.
We hope you will join us for this life-changing adventure! More information can be found at 2-1.jpg