Thank you for your interest in supporting the HOPE Youth Corps program. Please use the form below and be sure to include the participant's name. Please note that all payments to HOPE worldwide in support of a HOPE Youth Corps participant are non-refundable and non-transferrable and are not considered tax-deductible unless given to support general program costs. All payment amounts should be written in U.S. dollars.

Donate by Check
Please make your check payable to
HOPE worldwide and mail to:
HOPE worldwide
4231 Balboa Ave #330
San Diego, CA 92117
Donate by Phone
Please call Monday through Friday 9am-5pm ET:
(610) 254-8800 option 1

Prefer to donate by check or phone?

Our mission at HOPE worldwide is to meet the needs of the world's poor, sick and suffering. We commit to doing our best to honor the specific designation of each gift we receive. However, in the rare event that donations exceed what is needed for a specific program or relief effort, we will use your gift to support other families and communities in similar situations. Please contact us with any questions.