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The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and HOPEww Programs Help Widows and Orphans

Recently, 34 foreign journalists visited the African continent for the 2012 CNN-MultiChoice Africa Journalism Awards.  During their visit they experienced and were introduced to the people whose lives had been changed due to the partnership of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) and HOPE worldwide.  

HOPE worldwide Country Director, Dr. Marc Aguirre states, “Zambia alone has 1.3 million orphans and there is an enormous risk to their health and education. They face multiple traumas because most of them are stigmatized and discriminated against because of their status as orphans. Communities carry a heavy burden of caring for them and this is why we believe in partnerships."  

"It is rare for orphans, especially those who come from impoverished families and lose their parents in the early stages of their childhood, to find stable support to enable them realize the dream of attaining a decent education but Alice Kandeleka, a single orphan, is a proud school-leaver after being rescued from an early marriage she was forced into at the tender age of 15...Read this story from the Zambia Daily Mail


Partnership to SUCCEED

New Partner: Makro, a Division on Massmart

Johannesburg, South Africa - In June 2012, HOPE worldwide in South Africa established a new and exciting partnership with Makro, a division of Massmart, Africa's second-largest retailer. The partnership seeks to make a positive difference for vulnerable children within the crucial early childhood development (ECD) stage.

Early childhood is the most crucial stage in a child's overall development. Children who don't receive sufficient nurturing, nutrition, and the opportunity for movement and intellectual stimulation simply do not develop to the same potential as those children who do. In South Africa, a recent study estimated that nearly 70% of children aged four and below do not go to early childhood development (ECD) centers. Many centers are also ill-equipped to provide the nurturing environment children need. This is particularly so in disadvantaged communities and shanty towns, where HOPE worldwide works.

The partnership called 'SUCCEED' - Supporting Carers and Centers in Early Childhood Development, will strengthen center infrastructure, training and resources to enhance the centers’ services and ensure a nurturing environment. Centers will also be supported to register and receive government subsidies.
Carers, as the primary educators of these vulnerable children, will also receive training in ECD.

“On behalf of the entire HOPE worldwide South Africa team, we are extremely grateful to Makro and this partnership that will transform the lives and futures of thousands of young, vulnerable children and their families, as well as ensure that ECD Centers become sustainable centers of quality care and support.“

-Dr. Marc Aguirre, HOPE worldwide Country Director South Africa

The Real Thing

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) has generously awarded HOPE worldwide funding to continue its work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Africa. 

Today, there are almost 15,000,000 orphans due to AIDS in Africa. Our goal is to assist 30,000 orphans and vulnerable children over the next three years in eight countries: Botswana, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe with assistance from TCCAF. This will be achieved through service delivery to children and their families and capacity building for these communities.

We value TCCAF's continued partnership to support these precious children and their households who face enormous challenges such as poverty, hunger, discrimination and a lack of access to basic services. HOPE worldwide will seek to raise additional funds to support this important initiative for countries in dire need such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, and the Ivory Coast following the civil war there.

The Coca Cola Africa Foundation and the Coca Cola System, including several bottlers have helped in the care and support of children affected by HIV/AIDS. The Coca Cola Africa Foundation supports education, clean water, medical care, malaria prevention, and entrepreneurship at sites around Africa. In February 2011 HOPE worldwide met with TCCAF, Coca-Cola System representatives from around Africa and its partners including: the Discovery Channel; Junior Achievement; Nets for Life and Global Environment and Technology Foundation in Accra, Ghana. HOPE worldwide will continue exploring partnerships with these international groups as well to promote the well-being of vulnerable children.  

We are grateful for the Coca Cola Africa Foundation and its Executive Director, William Asiko, for all of their help that made this possible.

There are 16 million orphans due to AIDS in Africa. 

Drs. Mark Ottenweller and Marc Aguirre of HOPE worldwide have been helping 30,000 orphans in 6 nations in Sub Saharan Africa through various programs. Sadly, their projects lost funding last year, and they have been scrambling to generate new grants for the orphans before their own salaries run out and they are forced to look for other jobs.  
Dr. Mark Ottenweller has worked for decades to bring hope to Africa's AIDS orphans.
Dr. Mark Ottenweller has worked for decades to bring hope to Africa's AIDS orphans.

Dr. Ottenweller believes we are close to receiving the grants and saving the programs. The danger is that Dr. Ottenweller may be laid off before he can secure the funds and these orphans will become a casualty of the 2009 recession.

Help Dr. Ottenweller save 30,000 orphans.
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World AIDS Day 2011

Many people around the world lack the legal documentation most of us take for granted - from an identity document, to a passport, to even a birth certificate.

For those who live hand to mouth, merely getting to the relevant government department to apply for these items can be a challenge. Not having this documentation can often limit their changes of obtaining work or social grants to which they may be entitled. It's a vicious cycle.

For people living in the Zandspruit informal settlement just north of Johannesburg in South Africa, this is a common problem.

HOPE worldwide Japan - Disaster Relief
Dr Marc Aguirre presents the
HOPE worldwide - Coca-Cola partnership on
Orphans and Vulnerable Children to Coca-Cola
South Africa associates

A simple, yet effective, solution
Below is an example of partnership in action.

On Oct. 7, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) partnered with HOPE worldwide (HOPE) to hold a Child Health and Wellness Imbizo (the Nguni language term for a community "gathering"). The day-long event at the Masakhane Primary School in Zandspruit was designed to provide some of these much-needed services to the community. TCCAF's partnership with HOPE, its key HIV/AIDS intervention, encompasses a range of activities to support the wellbeing of vulnerable members of the community by focusing on orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Read More.

The Real Power of Partnership

HOPE worldwide's work in the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children in Africa highlights the importance and power of partnerships. Since 2005, HOPE worldwide and our partners have assisted more than 123,000 orphans and vulnerable children with food, education, counseling, family support, income generation, HIV prevention and child protection.

Partners Make The Difference
We are grateful for partners such as Coca-Cola, CDC, USAID, Rotarians For Fighting AIDS, Shell Oil, MTN, AusAID, Habitat for Humanity, the Global Fund, the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Citigroup Foundation and Project Concern International who have helped us in our efforts.

Our partnerships with national governments have also been critical to our collective success. In most countries we have forged strong government partnerships with HOPE worldwide represented on National OVC Committees and Working Groups

In the Ivory Coast, the HOPE worldwide staff wrote the National Guidelines for Youth and HIV/AIDS Prevention. Dr. Marc Aguirre, HOPE worldwide HIV/AIDS Technical Director, is a Steering Committee member of the Regional Inter-Agency Task Team on Children and AIDS (RIATT) together with UNICEF, World Vision, Save the Children, and other international and African partners. Dr. Mark Ottenweller, HOPE worldwide Global HIV/AIDS Coordinator, works with the National OVC Task Force in Washington, D.C. HOPE worldwide also engages and mobilizes communities in an effort to raise awareness and promote sustainable support for vulnerable children. All of these opportunities are examples of partnership. They are the keys to our learning, strategic collaboration and success. 

The Needs Are Great
Only about 15% of African orphans and vulnerable children receive any external help. There is an urgent need to strengthen our existing work. We also need to provide early childhood education, vocational training, and prevention of gender-based violence against young girls to our sites. Currently, millions of young girls are at risk of rape, abuse and violence across Africa.

Be A Partner
We hope to continue to expand our partnerships and our impact across Africa. Please continue to support these important programs and partnerships and help us expand this vital work for the children of Africa.

Your donation will assist HOPE worldwide to build vital partnerships and change the future for Africa’s children.





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