Measured Results

While we appreciate recognition of our work by highly respected independent evaluators like Charity Navigator, we believe changed lives are the best measure of the quality and impact of our work.

Building Cambodia’s Health Care System

1,000,000+ patients have received high-quality medical care in Cambodia.

The Challenge

The Khmer Rouge reign of terror and resulting political instability devastated Cambodia’s medical system. Hospitals were destroyed, the country was reduced to a handful of physicians and the healthcare infrastructure lacked the human resources to rebuild it.

The Innovation

The rapid development of The Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH) as a highly functioning training medical center provides Cambodia with not only a role model to emulate but also a means of increasing its supply of desperately-needed skilled medical professionals.

The Impact

SHCH today is the most active adult hospital and the most sought after institution for medical education in Cambodia. Its alumni play a pivotal role in rebuilding the Cambodian medical system. SHCH also mentors key hospitals throughout the country.

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