Faces of Hope

Clouds of Despair Move Out with a Forecast of Hope

HOPE worldwide India Bangalore, Road school, health clinic, computer training center 50 boys now call SAP labs center of HOPE worldwide homeBangalore, India: Three-year-old Reghu and his six-year-old brother, Muthu, were found abandoned at a railway station. Their father and mother are alcoholics. After their father abandoned them, they were left with nothing. Homeless, their mother was forced to become a beggar. Muthu had the responsibility of getting milk for Reghu by begging. If he failed to get the milk, his mother would beat him.

On one occasion, their mother was so inebriated that she lost the two boys. They were taken to a local institution, but Muthu ran away to search for his mother. After finding her, he brought her back to the institution where Reghu was now living. The ChildWelfare Committee soon took custody of the boys and transferred Reghu and Muthu to their new home, at the HOPE foundation hostel.
Thanks to funding from SAP Labs, HOPE foundation was able to open a new home for 22 little boys like Reghu and Muthu in the summer of 2007. Now these children are able to move beyond their sad stories of abuse, poverty and abandonment to new hope for a better future.

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