Fight Poverty: Join HOPE worldwide

HOPE worldwide is a a high value charity that allows donors and contributors to connect to those in desparate need through volunteerism and giving. Donate today.  Read why:

HOPE worldwide fight poverty
Global Impact

Maximize your impact by supporting an organization noted for highly effective programs that elevate the lives of the poor on all six inhabited continents.

Powerful Network

Join a network ranging from individuals to world-renowned organizations, dedicated to serving more than two million of the world’s most needy people annually.

Product Contributions

Make an in-kind contribution and heighten the impact of programs recognized for their contribution to helping the weak and vulnerable.

Personal Connection

Share your personal time as a volunteer working directly with individuals whose lives are transformed by your work.

Targeted Giving

Make an unrestricted gift to create new opportunities and satisfy our most pressing needs – or directly support the program or country of your choice.

Leveraged Investment

Every dollar you give to HOPE worldwide, more than a $5 of value is received by the communities we serve.  That’s right.  In 2011, for example, each dollar of cash donated to HOPE worldwide yields $5 of benefit in the form of services and donated products to the individuals, families and communities where we serve. 


Management Accessibility

Interact personally with HOPE worldwide senior leadership and learn more about our programs serving the needy at the HOPE worldwide Global Summit.

Tax Benefits

Enjoy tax benefits from your gift of cash, stocks, and/or securities. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.