Our Programs

HOPE worldwide serves the poor from Jamaica to Russia to South Africa to China to the United States. We provide homes for orphans and leprosy patients. We care for the sick, educate the disadvantaged, meet the needs of children and seniors around the globe, and provide training and access for employment opportunities.

HOPE worldwide our programs


We improve the health of critically underserved communities through health, education and the delivery of high quality, compassionate healthcare.

HOPE worldwide our programs


We empower disadvantaged adults and youth to become productive members of society through basic educational assistance, vocational and technology training, mentoring, teaching, and arts and sports programs.

HOPE worldwide our programs


We give children hope for a productive and fulfilling future by providing healthcare, education, opportunities for development, mentoring, counseling, foster care and adoption.

HOPE worldwide our programs


We help seniors age with dignity, respect and security by providing them with friendship and by meeting their personal needs through senior centers and home visits.

HOPE worldwide our programs


We create opportunities for the newly trained and for the disadvantaged to find sustainable employment to support themselves and their families.

HOPE worldwide our programs 


We motivate, train and mobilize volunteers around the world to deliver critical assistance that supports health, education, development and care programs. Global Outreach inspires volunteer participation to help meet the needs of disadvantaged children and adults.