When Disaster Strikes

Natural disasters have claimed thousands of lives in recent years. Each time, survivors are left with little hope for their future and few resources to restart their lives.

HOPE worldwide When disaster strikes responding to disaster help victims of hurricanes earthquakes floodingRecent Catastrophes:

  • South Asian Tsunami in 2004
  • Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Gustav and Ike
  • Earthquakes in Pakistan, China and Indonesia
  • Cyclone in Myanmar
  • Flooding and mudslides in Guatemala and the Philippines

Long Term Solutions

In response to these tragedies, we take steps to provide community-based, long term and sustainable assistance. This focus differentiates us from organizations whose services are limited to short term relief.

Our strategies:

  • Partnering with the American Red Cross to help prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies
  • Utilizing a large international volunteer base
  • Establishing centers on all six inhabited continents that are rooted in the community
  • Creating networks of people, organizations and governments that work together

HOPE worldwide When disaster strikes responding to disaster help victims of earthquake flood hurricane cycloneAt HOPE worldwide, we work with our partners to keep hope alive for disaster victims long after the television cameras have gone.

Continuing efforts:

  • Center of HOPE worldwide on Nias Island in Indonesia to help people rebuild their lives.
  • Four Centers of HOPE worldwide in India serving tsunami victims along the coast, and a center in Gujarat still serving slum dwellers affected by the 2001 earthquake.
  • Volunteers in Louisiana are continuing to rebuild homes and provide hope for people who lost all they owned during the Hurricane Katrina, Ike and Gustav disasters.

HOPE worldwide has the ability to reach underserved people in their communities in new ways and provide relief to victims of disasters.

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