Centers of HOPE worldwide 

HOPE worldwide has begun the process of making Centers of HOPE worldwide the focal point of its work around the world. Here are other examples of this powerful concept at work.

Centers of HOPE worldwide

The Village of HOPE worldwide in Delhi, India (the first Center of HOPE worldwide) provides a full spectrum of services to an entire community of roughly 4,000 people affected by leprosy. Our services include housing; preschool and after school programs; basic medical services; vocational training; and microfinance programs to promote economic self-sufficiency for the desperate people of Delhi, India.

The Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE worldwide in Phnom Penh, Cambodia provides medical services to the indigent population and has developed into the leading medical training center for the country.

HIV/AIDS-related services are provided in community-based settings in countries throughout Africa. Medical  clinics operate in diverse locations around the world including Kingston, Jamaica; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Bogota, Colombia; and Mexico City.

The Richard Family Center of HOPE worldwide in Trichy, India includes an orphanage as well as educational and community services. Orphanages also operate in Jakarta, Indonesia and Delhi, India, while orphan support services are the focus of programs in Moscow.

HOPE worldwide Indonesia - Centers of HOPE worldwide working around the world to Bring hope and Change livesThis year, Indonesia celebrated the opening of the Turen Community Center of HOPE worldwide. The center provides education and cultural programs. Currently 81 children, who previously studied in a crumbling bamboo hut, have proper classrooms. The community’s youth also have access to the center’s Computer Training Center giving them an opportunity for a better education and employment. The goal of the center is to eventually raise up local teachers.

Centers of HOPE worldwide - Working all across the globe to Bring hope and Change livesCenters of HOPE worldwide are often an integral part of programs to bring hope for victims of natural disasters, including victims of the south Asian tsunami in India and Indonesia. A Gulf Coast Center of HOPE worldwide is currently serving victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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