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Prayer Needed for the People of Indonesia:
Another disaster marks the third anniversary of the South Asia tsunami
December 28, 2007

HOPE worldwide - Landslide Central Java, Indonesia
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On the same day exactly three years after the South Asia tsunami, Indonesia experiences another water-related disaster. Heavy rain that fell on Karang Anyar and Wonogiri Districts, Central Java from Christmas Day until the next morning has caused a major landslide affecting villages in both districts. 

As of December 26, 67 casualties were reported  from just  nine locations including: 36 in Ledoksari Village, 8 in Jumapolo Village, 3 in Jatiyoso Village, 5 in Kerjo Village, 2 in Kebak Kramat Village, 4 In Matesih Village, 3 in Karang Pandan Village, 3 in Jenasih Village, 3 in Ngaryoyoso Village. The United Nations reports that since December 26 flooding has inundated over 400 houses in the Pekalongan District, central Java, forcing the evacuation of an estimated 15,000 citizens.

While the world is enjoying the holiday season, rescuers decided to continue their efforts even after dark; trying to find the 37 missing persons. Mud was reported at least four meters high and the heavy equipment was not sufficient to clear the roads towards the most affected areas. Mr. Martowiyono, 70 years of age, who escaped from the landslide, is worried about his neighbor, Mr. Sido, 61 years old, who is missing. Neighbors are still searching for him, whom they believed is trapped under the mud. Little hope remains that he will be found. Sido's neighbor, Sagimin, managed to survive but his home was destroyed.

HOPE worldwide – Indonesia is sending a disaster response team to deliver medical supplies from its warehouse in Jakarta to the worst hit areas; 15 hours away by land. The team will also assess the latest situation on the ground to see the urgent needs and possibilities to help. It is estimated that the victims will need health care, temporary shelters, and food assistance.

Please pray that the victims trapped under the mud can be saved in time.

HOPE worldwide - Landslide Central Java, Indonesia

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