People We Serve

Today's world is riddled with needs: economic, physical, emotional and spiritual. Since HOPE worldwide was founded, we have rebuilt towns, established schools, treated people with leprosy and much more. Now, we are able to serve more people across the globe than ever.

Below is just a glimpse of the issues we are fighting and the the smiling faces of those whose lives are being changed.

  • AIDS/HIV treatment and prevention education in Africa
  • Malalai Emergency Maternity ward in Afghanistan
  • Disaster response in Asia, Africa and North America
  • Care for the elderly in Eastern Europe
  • Diabetes medication and education in Australia and around the world
  • Shelter and employment for the homeless in the UK
  • Hope for the sick at the Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE in Cambodia
Our programs reach people on every inhabited continent.
Our programs reach people on every inhabited continent.


We are able to serve these poor and needy because of donors like you.
Help us reach more people than ever.

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