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Vancouver HYC

The 2017 Vancouver HYC will build on the work done by local HOPE worldwide volunteers over the last ten years, as well as the incredible service provided by 20 HYC volunteers in July 2016.  The need to reach out to those who are homeless in Vancouver has never been greater.  Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live.  That’s great if you have adequate financial resources, but thousands do not and thus find themselves in very difficult situations.  Many who end up on our streets have mental health and/or addiction issues as well.  The staff and volunteers at the dozens of shelters in the greater Vancouver area work hard to meet the needs of a growing and diverse homeless population, yet often find themselves overwhelmed.

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What HOPE worldwide of Canada, Vancouver Chapter, has been able to do over the past ten years is to offer practical service to thousands of homeless people, as well as support to those who work directly and daily on the streets and in the shelters.  We have a very strong, supportive relationship with the Lookout Society, which oversees most of the harm reduction facilities in the city.  They were so impacted and impressed by the joyful service given to the staff, volunteers and clients by our 2016 HYC participants and, thus, are eager to work with us again in 2017.

If you are one of the fortunate 18 HYC Vancouver participants you will engage in various kinds of service at shelters in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, in Surrey and New Westminster.  You will need to be ready and willing to do anything that the staff deems is needed, from cleaning, painting, helping with renovations and/or yard work, to prepping and serving food.  All service will be conducted under the supervision of trained and/or experienced HOPE worldwide volunteers and/or shelter staff.

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Through this experience you will witness the impact of intense levels of poverty, social isolation, emotional and physical trauma, in the midst of one of the most beautiful, clean, safe and wealthy cities in the world.  Initially, the experience is surreal – How can this be? – but as you meet and talk with both staff and clients, your eyes and heart will be opened.  Every day will begin with powerful, God centered devotionals and end with small discussion groups to provide the opportunity to share and process what you have experienced. Thus, your needs will be met and the lessons God teaches you will impact your life well beyond the HYC.

There will be lots of time to bond with fellow participants, members of the Vancouver church and to reach out to some of the 25,000 students on the campus of Simon Fraser University.  Excursions are planned for participants to experience some of the sites of Vancouver that people pay thousands of dollars in travelling costs to enjoy.

2017 HYC Vancouver is the whole package – service, challenge, spiritual enrichment, fellowship, fun and some of the best cultural cuisines anywhere in the world.  We, at the Vancouver chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada, look forward to hosting you.

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