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Zambia HYC

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Zambia is known as the REAL Africa; it boasts some of the continent’s best wildlife and breath-taking natural attractions but it has some very impoverished and vulnerable communities as well. In July 2017, HOPE worldwide ZAMBIA (HwwZ) will host a HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps for 2 weeks of volunteering, fun activities and service in the Lord. The volunteer work will take place in Mtendere Community, which is a high-density housing compound in a very poor area in the Eastern part of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.
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HwwZ will be renovating Mtendere Pre-school and transforming it into an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre. The Pre-school is currently in a rundown state with a broken toilet system, under-staffed teaching workforce and without a library or toys for the kids. Many of the children who currently attend Mtendere Pre-school are from vulnerable households.

The ECD Centre will boost early year’s education for children aged 6 months to 6 years old in Mtendere and the surrounding areas. Our plan also includes setting up the Pre-school with good programs, development plans for the teachers, a review of processes, curriculum and lesson plans, building a new toilet block at the site, and setting up a book and toy library.

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During their 2-weeks stay in the country, HVC volunteers work will include: decorative work e.g painting; putting up posters; setting up classrooms; gardening; developing programmes and lessons for children; developing a teacher training plan and setting up a book and toy library. Specialized skill sets are encouraged but all are welcome to lend a hand in helping to set up a great Pre-school that we believe will change the lives of many kids by giving them the tools that they need to survive this world.

The 2017 Lusaka HVC will teach you to connect to God in completely new ways such as worship through service, gratitude and spiritual growth that comes from empathy. Expect to have your faith in God and love for your fellow man stretched like you never have before.

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Lastly, expect lots of fun activities and exploration! With themed evenings such as Game Night, Karaoke Night, Folk Tale Night and a Wacky talent show; there’ll be no dull moments during your stay. The visit to Lilayi Lodge will give volunteers a chance to get close up and personal with earth’s largest mammal at the Elephant Orphanage. Also on offer are game drives, guided walks and horseback safaris for volunteers who want to view a variety of Antelope, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe and the myriad bird-life. There is also an opportunity to visit Livingstone at the end of the trip, to see the magnificent Victoria Falls (additional costs apply).

So, if you are looking to grow your faith, love and walk with God through service and are up for a fun time and exploration, then join us in Lusaka for HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps 2017.

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After the HYC / HVC, there is an option for the participants to stay longer at their own cost, and NOT under the supervision of the HWW staff), and make a trip to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls, July 30-August 2. If there is enough interest, a group trip can be organised. The extra cost is likely to be around $200 per person.
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