HOPE worldwide Singles Corps

HOPE worldwide Singles Corps enables single men and women to demonstrate Christ’s love around the world through service and compassion. 

Dare To Serve




“Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”  The expert in the law replied, ‘The one who had mercy on him.’ Jesus told him, ‘Go and do likewise.’” - Luke 10: 36-37

Come and serve on HOPE Youth Corps, HWW Singles Corps, or on various HWW Volunteer Corps! We have exciting trips planned throughout the year in 2017. We will serve all over the world. This is a preview, so you can start planning.

Exact dates, prices, and more detailed program descriptions will be posted in the next few weeks. Registration will open on December 1.

We have really worked hard to keep the programs frugal, so most of the trips will cost around $1,100, plus airfare. Some will be slightly cheaper, and some will be slightly more expensive. There will be a limited number of partial scholarships available, so start saving and fund-raising now. Ask for a volunteer trip as your Christmas or birthday present!

U.S. participants have to be 18 and over if travelling internationally, unless accompanied by a chaperone over the age of 21. Non-U.S. citizens can travel anywhere from the age of 15. Children are welcome on our Family Corps if accompanied by a parent.

We also still have spots on the Manila, Philippines HOPE Youth Corps this upcoming December (Dec. 17 - 30, 2016), and on the Sri Lanka Singles Corps (Dec. 20 – Jan. 1).  Read more below for information about the Sri Liank HSC or go to hopeww.org/hyc to learn more about the Manila HYC (it is open to all, including families).



  • Philly 1 (June 19 - 29):  HYC and Family Corps open to all (families, singles, campus, and teens) with a big component of sports and performing arts
  • Alaska 1 (June 12 - 25): HYC Sustainable agriculture and mentoring out in the woods of Alaska
  • Hawaii (June 12 - 22): HYC Community Service (building, sustainable agriculture, and mentoring)
  • Indonesia (June 12 - 26): HYC Community Service along with the Singapore School of missions
  • Ukraine Singles Corps (first two weeks of June): includes the Kiev church 25th anniversary celebration


  • Philly 2 (July 24-August 3): HYC Camp Miracles and community service
  • Alaska 2 (July 17 - 30): HYC Sustainable agriculture and mentoring in the woods of Alaska
  • Vancouver (first two weeks of July) : HYC Outreach to the homeless and service in a shelter
  • Dallas (July 10 - 22): HYC Saturday academy style mentoring
  • Budapest, Hungary (second and third week of July): HYC open to all (families, singles, campus, teens) Building and community service, mostly in a small town in the Hungarian countryside, but also in the capital, Budapest
  • Lusaka, Zambia (last two weeks of July): HYC open to all (families, singles, campus, teens). Building, sustainable agriculture, and mentoring
  • Haiti (second and third weeks of July): HYC Children, teaching, building, community service
  • Bolivia (second and third weeks of July): HYC Community Service
  • Israel (July 12 - 22): HYC Biblical teaching by Steve Kinnard, visiting Biblical sites, community service in Bible locations such as Bethlehem


  • Chicago (August 7 - 17): HYC Community Service
  • Cambodia Medical Corps (August 13 - 26):  Medical students and medical professionals

End of October / Early November

  • South Africa Singles Corps: Early Childhood Development and community outreach program (repeat of the 2015 and 2016 program)

Christmas / Late December

  • Cambodia (Dec 17 - 30): HYC open to all. Building, community service
  • Philippines (Dec 17 - 30): HYC open to all. Typhoon relief in Tacloban
  • Nepal (Dec 18 - Jan 1): HYC open to all. Teaching, community service, earthquake rehabilitation.
  • Daytona Beach (Dec 21 - 31): HYC open to all. Sports (including some water sports) and mentoring of underprivileged children and youth.
  • Haiti Singles Corps (Dec 21 - 30): a repeat of the Haiti Singles Corps of the last couple of years. (Service at an orphanage)




Dates: October 29 to November 7
Price: $1, 500 (not including flights and visas) – final payment deadline September 30

We are inviting Singles and Professionals to visit and work in informal settlements in South Africa from October 29 to November 7, 2016 to help orphans and little children with Early Childhood Development. We will work with children and caregivers in Zandspruit and Diepsloot in basic education, nutrition, exercise, health, character building, and child protection. Then we will host a Regional Singles Conference for Singles and Professionals in Southern Africa on November 5-6, 2016.  We will also have up close and personal wildlife excursions with lions and elephants. We will help the participants to understand and implement Early Childhood development programs in informal settlements. It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the needs and importance of little children in all of our lives. “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3.

Sri Lanka HWW Singles Corps 

Dates: Dec. 20 to Jan. 1
Price: $ 1,040 plus flight (final payment deadline December 1, 2016)

Come and spend Christmas serving in Sri Lanka with other singles from around the world! HOPE worldwide  Sri Lanka has been running a school for underprivileged children for many years. On this service trip, you will teach the children of the school (we need teachers, including music teachers!), reach out to the community, and help clean the slum area where the children live (so lots of opportunity for manual labor!) In the community, you will deliver messages on health and hygiene, good nutrition, and life skills. We are also appealing to medical professionals, who will conduct much needed medical checkups. So, nurses, doctors, dentists! We need you!

  Note:  In addition to the seven HOPE worldwide Singles Corps programs listed above, which are exclusively for singles, several of our December volunteer programs are open to singles:

Bangkok, Thailand
Kathmandu, Nepal
Manila, Philippines


 Click here to go to the HYC page to find more information on the above programs. 




A few important notes about payment: You are required to pay a $300 deposit in order for us to process your application. Once you are accepted to the program, that deposit becomes non-refundable and is credited toward your participation fee.


“Calling All Brothers!”

We asked Jeremy Newton-John,  a member of the HOPE worldwide Singles Corps Committee from Australia, to share why he believes it is important for brothers to participate in the HOPE worldwide Singles Corps.  Here’s his compelling response entitled “Epitaph”: 

 One day, people are going to stand over my grave. What will they remember?  A nice guy? Will that be my epitaph: ‘Here lies a nice guy?’ The thought makes me shudder. I really, really don’t want my greatest struggle to have been with my boss over a pay rise. I do not want the labours of my life summed up in a house valuation. Right now, I don’t have kids, but if ever I do, I want my life to have been something my kids would choose to read about.

I cannot be content to overcome obstacles by pressing a button on the remote. I cannot be content to see this planet from Google Earth. And I cannot be content to see other people suffer when it’s in my power to do something about it. I don’t want to die sick – but if I must, then let it be by malaria contracted while helping orphans in an African swamp – not by heart disease from too many hamburgers.

And all this is worldly. What of eternity? Will I be able to stand tall in the Halls of Glory alongside David, Moses, Ezekiel, Barnabas, and James knowing I had run a good race? Will I be able to look Paul of Tarsus in the face and say, ‘Brother, I, too, gave it my best shot’? God did not give us a Spirit of timidity. Surely that means we have been given the Spirit of Adventure, also… I don’t know about you, but I want more than just my name written in the Book of Life.

So, over to you, brothers of the Heavenly Calling: What will be your epitaph?