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Bolivia, with her 11 million people, remains the poorest country in South America.

Although there have been some improvements in the vital areas of health and education, the statistics about Bolivia’s poverty and its crippling effect on her people are still very sobering.

- 43% live below the national poverty line, with 36% living in “extreme poverty”

- 75 % of marriages end in divorce

- 75% of children suffer abuse with in their home

- 80% of children experience violent discipline with in their homes

- 50 % of female teens within relationships experience violence

- 50% lack access to adequate healthcare, and 60% lack any type of insurance

- 60% lack access to safe drinking water and adequate sewage

- 26% of children between 5 and 14 years of age work, as child labor is legal

- 3% of Bolivians report reading a maximum of two books per year

Fundación HOPE worldwide Bolivia (FHwwB) began its outreach to the impoverished population within La Paz, Bolivia in 2011. The Centro Médical International HOPE Clinic (CMI) provides high quality healthcare to the La Paz population, while also serving as a social enterprise supporting our social programs. HOPE in Bolivia has developed many strong relationships with other respected healthcare institutions, non-governmental organizations, as well as with multiple community children centers. We serve together in a variety of initiatives that support and empower vulnerable children and families. HOPE’s focus is in the areas of health, education, mentoring, and empowerment. We are currently developing health and social initiatives within the rural areas of Bolivia, as well. FHwwB is one in heart with the La Paz Church of Christ, loving and serving with God’s love and compassion.

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    We are thrilled to host two HOPEww Volunteer Corps Programs in Bolivia in 2018!

    1. HOPEww Volunteer Corps #1 - Rurrenabaque, Bolivia (June 20- July 2, 2018)

    “Rurre” is a beloved rural city in Bolivia, close to the tropical Amazon region. It is a 30 minute flight from La Paz over the mountains. The HYC will be repairing, renovating, and painting classrooms and other buildings within the “Famila Feliz” orphanage. This loving refuge home houses and educates ~ 80 children who have suffered extreme abuse. We will create a positive “Children’s Corner” within the two local impoverished hospitals, and possibly support a community health fair. We will also reach out and welcome residents to our first Church Service in Rurre!!! And of course, participants will enjoy a tropical riverboat trip! This HYC will require a high level of physical labor in a hot climate!!! ☺

    Price (in US dollars): $1,165 plus flights to La Paz. Flights from La Paz to Rurrenabaque are included in the participation fee and will be coordinated by the program. Cost also includes travel insurance and travel medical insurance coverage.
    Deadline for registration and payment: May 1, 2018

    2. HOPEww Volunteer Corps #2 – La Paz, Bolivia (July 12-July 24, 2018)

    La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia. It was voted one of the “Seven Most Marvelous Cities in the World” because of its amazing beauty and high altitude within the Andes Mountains. HYC participants will serve within a variety of HOPE’s programs which support impoverished children and families. We will focus in these areas:

    1) Repairing/renovating family homes or community centers, while also building trusted relationships. 

    2) “B-Olivia Lending Library” activities. Participants will create and provide hands-on reading and educational support/activities with our amazing lending library. We will focus our efforts within a hospital, orphanage, community center, and/or individual family homes.

    3) Campus Outreach with the La Paz Church!

    And of course, everyone will enjoy a beautiful mountain hike!!! ☺

    Price (in US dollars): $1,135 plus flights (cost includes travel insurance and travel medical insurance coverage)
    Deadline for registration and payment: June 1, 2018

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    As a HYC Bolivia participant, you will be able to walk like Jesus every day, bringing God’s love, hope, healing, and encouragement to the poor and hurting. You will also be building life long relationships with the amazing La Paz Church! You will be able to genuinely see and experience Isaiah 61:1-3 in action.
    There is no greater honor.

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