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Global Service Internship (GSI)

HOPE worldwide is thrilled to introduce the Global Service Internship (GSI) as a new venue for youth involvement in our international programs. The Global Service Internship aims to promote and strengthen the HOPE Youth Corps program, and all GSI members are qualified students from around the world who have previous HYC experience. They work under the supervision and direction of the HOPE worldwide International Volunteer Programs Department, as well as the HYC Advisory Committee and their respective HYC site coordinators to plan and develop their individual HYC programs. GSI members receive personalized training in program design and evaluation, non-profit management, communications and marketing as well as spiritual enrichment through an emphasis on Biblical evangelism.

Aside from program planning, all members attend the annual HOPE worldwide Global Summit to present their plans and receive input from the HYC Committee and HOPE worldwide staff. At the conclusion of each member’s HYC experience, GSI members report back to HOPE worldwide and evaluate the effectiveness of their program, proving to be valuable stakeholders in our youth volunteer programming. We are excited for this opportunity to empower young service leaders and ensure the sustainability of our signature HOPE Youth Corps program.

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