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Chicago HYC

Chicago is known for its beautiful architecture, international tourism, prestigious universities, and most importantly, deep dish pizza. Sadly, it also has a less pleasant reputation of poverty and crime. Participants will have the opportunity to serve with HOPE worldwide Chicago’s after school program, work in a community garden, host a STEM camp for middle schoolers, and participate in a community event featuring mobile immunization labs and a police/student basketball game!
HYC Chicago gives you the chance to explore your interests and help the community in a fun and extremely sustainable way. Do you have skills in carpentry? Then on HYC Chicago you will be helping students start a business making and selling desks, chairs, etc. Do you have media related skills? Then on HYC Chicago you will be helping students create t-shirts, logos, and commercials for their business. No matter where you lie on the skill-set spectrum you will be uniquely matched to either a student or a project that relates to your specific interests. From something physical challenging like working on a community garden, to something intellectually stimulating like helping students create synthesizers, HYC Chicago will have something for you!

Alongside all the good, hard work we’ll be doing we will also have a ton of fun! Throughout the program we will be taking time to explore and take in the city’s rich culture. Activities will include taking selfies at “The Bean,” shopping on the Magnificent Mile in Downtown Chicago, taking in breathtaking views from the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower (AKA Willis Tower), enjoying the best deep dish pizza in the world, and much much more!

Finally, one of the most important aspects of going on a HYC is the spiritual growth you will experience. We will have daily devotionals lead by Global Service Interns as well as some of the most experience evangelists in the midwest. We will also be joining the Chicago Campus and Teen Ministry, which consists of over 300 students, in the 3rd annual All-City Devotional and Toiletry Drive (Last year this drive raised more than $2,000 worth of supplies to help families in need!). HYC aims to capture the full ministry of Jesus, and the 2018 Chicago program humbly strives to do the same!

Dates: June 18-28, 2018
Price (in US dollars): $1,090 plus flights
Deadline for registration and payment: May 1, 2018

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