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International Disasters

International Disasters

Disasters and emergencies are affecting human lives across the globe; causing casualties and disrupting the lives of millions. HOPE worldwide is a humanitarian nonprofit organization that continues to monitor situations around the globe. We are limited and will not be able to respond to every disasters and emergency. However, with the support of many, we are trying to meet some needs that we identify on the ground. We wanted to bring to your attention the current situations that happening around the world. Charles Ham, Global Disaster Response Coordinator for HOPEww, has provided a summary of the current global disaster hotspots to keep us informed. Thank you for all your prayers and support.  


Volunteers play a vital role in HOPE worldwide ’s response to large-scale disasters. We do not currently have any immediate volunteer needs, but please check back for future opportunities. You are welcome to support our efforts by donating to our general disaster response fund today.

If you’d like to contact our Coordinator of Global Disaster Response Services, please contact Charles Ham at .

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