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Philippines HVC

We are excited and looking forward to hosting a HOPEww Volunteer Corps over the Christmas holiday in Aklan, Philippines!  During your time in Aklan, we will work on many meaningful and sustainable programs together.  Here is an overview of the community service projects you'll be participating in while on the HVC:

1. Adopt-a-pre-school Program

The pre-school is a learning center for the children from the fishing community. Participants will renovate the center to make it more welcoming and appealing to children. Due to the lack of resources, the local government is unable to provide extra resources to beautify the center and make it more child-friendly. Therefore, your help is needed. To meet this need, participants will take part in the following service activities: 

• Renovate the pre-school center by painting and decorating the inside and outside of the building. 
• Construct chairs and tables 
• Donate educational materials, toys, electric fans, etc.
• Provide Christmas packages for select impoverished families

2. Shelter and Livelihood Improvement Project

Every year, the poor suffer homelessness due to natural disasters and poverty.  After the fury of the most devastating typhoon that hit the country in November of 2013, millions of houses, schools, and livelihood facilities were damaged and destroyed.  The municipality of Kalibo, Aklan was among those severely affected by the disaster leaving thousands of families homeless and suffering from the effects of the typhoon. 

Kalibo has over 74,000 people and more than 10,000 families have been affected and displaced by Typhoon Haiyan.  HOPE worldwide Philippines has been extending help in the province of Aklan since December 2013 by providing emergency relief supplies and educating children and communities through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).  HYC volunteers will be asked to bring essential carpentry tools to repair and improve the houses of the Ati (Indigenous People in the province) and the fishing boats of the fishermen. 

3. Mangrove Tree Planting

The Bakhawan Eco-Park was created on 1990, the purpose of the reforestation project was to prevent floods and storm surges during bad weather in the local community. The reforestation project started with 50 hectares of reclaimed land in Barangay New Buswang created by the Kalibo Save The Mangroves Association (KASAMA), a non-government organization, with the help of the local government of Kalibo, Aklan and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The mangrove reforestation project not only addressed the community’s flood problems, but it also gave a means of livelihood for the local people in the area. The project was hailed as one of the exemplary forests managed in the whole of Asia and the Pacific by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The word “mangrove” means Bakhawan in local dialect.

4. Christmas Activity for Children with Special Needs

Some local government units have been implementing Stimulation Therapeutic Activity Centers (STAC) for children with special needs in the province.  HOPE worldwide Philippines has partnered with two STAC sites providing medicine and vitamins to their beneficiaries.  HVC participants will host a Christmas activity for these children and provide Noche Buena packages for them.  

After serving, participants will have an enjoyable break for three days in a beach hotel on Boracay Island.  Participants will have time for leisure and recreation experiencing the beach and its spectacular scenery.
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