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Romania HVC

The standard of living for Romanian orphans is still problematic despite huge improvements since the fall of the Communist government in 1989. Many of the children are not literally orphans, but are children who had parents unable to afford such large families. The parents place them in orphanages, often with the intention of picking them up when they are older. There is a high percentage of Roma children in the orphanages, who are often left in an institution until they are 12, 13 or 14, i.e., old enough to help earn a living, and then parents will claim them again.

After the fall of the Communist government an initial period of economic and social insecurity followed. The 1990s was a difficult transition period, and it is during this period that the number of street children was very high.  Some ran away or were thrown out of orphanages or abusive homes, and were often seen begging, inhaling 'aurolac' from sniffing bags, and roaming around the Bucharest Metro. This situation was presented in a documentary called Children Underground, which depicted the life of Romanian street children in 2001.


Improving the situation of orphans has created an opportunity for Romanian entry into the European Union, but the conditions in some orphanages are still very poor. Unfortunately, the children who were not adopted either ran away or left the orphanages at 18.  They have no education, and they live on the streets. Prostitution, begging, and drug use is common among them.


We really can do something for them. Our action really matters. Please come and join our program and let’s make a difference in their lives.

For the first week of the program we will visit an orphanage and help around the building. We will paint, fix items needing improvement, and garden. We will also have time to play with the kids, teach them, or just simply build relationship with them. What these kids miss the most is the personal time with someone who has a genuine interest towards them. Building connections with the children will be a truly rewarding experience.
Our second objective will be to help some of the older disciples from the Bucharest Church. Some of them are living in deep poverty. This will be a great opportunity to show our love through our actions towards our brothers and sisters. We will also have opportunities to share our faith and study the bible.

On Sunday, participants will have the opportunity to lead church service for the Bucharest Church of Christ. Even if you are not a regular preacher or worship leader, you can contribute to the service!

The second week we will continue the work with the orphanage. We will take one day to use the most beautiful road in Eastern Europe, called Transfagarasan. It is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The road climbs to an altitude of 2,042 meters (6,699 ft).

We will finish the week with an opportunity to have fun by putting on sports day for the kids from the orphanage.

During the time in Bucharest you stay in the nice, clean hostel Umbrella, which is located in the center of city. Traveling from this hotel will be easy. The area is safe and many restaurants are in walking distance from the hostel. During the program, you will enjoy a home cooked Romanian meal made by our elderly sisters from the church.

In your free time, you will have the chance to visit the second biggest building in the world.

Please join us as we serve the orphan children of Romania. If you have a heart for orphan children, this is your time and your place. Your actions can change their lives as well as yours.
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