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HOPE worldwide Singles Corps

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HOPE worldwide Singles Corps (HSC) is a faith-based service program designed for single men and women. Working with HOPE worldwide programs all over the world, HSC participants serve lower-income communities through various outreach efforts and community maintenance programs.

Participants serve in a myriad of different ways for a period of ten days to two weeks. They bandage the wounds of leprosy patients, perform street plays about child abuse, care for orphans and the homeless, clean and repair orphanages and clinics, assist medical personnel, teach English and math classes, build homes for hurricane and earthquake victims, and encourage the elderly, the sick, and the lonely.

Among the many benefits participants receive from serving on HSC are lifelong friendships and memories, a heightened sense of purpose, and a better understanding of the world and its cultural differences. Through their experiences with HSC, volunteers deepen their compassion and gain a profound appreciation for what they have been given in their own lives.

Singles, including the many single professionals who volunteer on HSC, bring a unique set of talents and skills, helping our local programs become more sustainable. They contribute greatly due to their work experience, and strengthen the local Hww programs by providing capacity building, or supporting fund-raising efforts. We often add a Singles retreat to the Singles Corps, where our volunteers can help strengthen the local ministries.

“Walking into a metal shack, seeing a mother of four holding a one week year old baby, seeing hundreds of flies landing on the kids, the mother, and me, rocked my world. I listened as she talked about how unsafe her life was, and how she worries daily that her oldest may get raped. I literally didn't know how to react. All I kept saying to myself was stop worrying about the flies landing on you, don't look privileged, don't look American. Try to understand what a day would look like here.” Justin Schrenk, participant on the South Africa Singles Corps.

“Spending time with the children and teenagers both this year and last makes me realize all the things I take for granted at home. They have nothing and are so joyful and excited, and I realize because they understand and accept that they have the best thing in the world which is the love of God. They are fully surrendered to Him to get them through all of the trials of everyday life. They are in constant prayer to put food on the table and to give these children an education that we receive for free in the states. In Haiti if you do not have money, your children do not go to school and receive an education. Makes me think of all the days and time I took for granted in school not paying attention, these kids would do anything to have what I had.” Amanda Martinez, who volunteered in Haiti.

  Questions? Contact us at hyc@hopeww.org or 484-586-3611.
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