The Adventure Corps is an experiential learning and leadership training program. Although there is a service component for two days where participants will mentor Alaskan under-served youths, this is primarily a servant leadership training program where the participants will be challenged spiritually, physically and mentally through an experience unlike no other. As Jesus went into the wilderness in Mark 4, we too will venture into the wild to discover a fuller image of God, his majestic nature and ourselves so that we can better serve the world around us and bring hope to a hurting world.

This program will be very physically and mentally challenging. Participants must be in good physical shape and able to hike 10-20 miles a day. You will not have access to running water or bathrooms. Your bathroom will be the great outdoors.   There will not be access to electricity so be prepared to live off the grid. Our guides that will accompany Adventure Corps participants are experienced outdoor guides, trained in first aid, risk management, and wilderness rescue.

Dates: June 18 - July 1, 2018
Price (in US dollars): $1,500 (flight not included)
Deadline for registration and payment: May 1, 2018

This PILOT PROGRAM is currently available for particpants aged 18+.  We hope to make this available for youth in the future!

This new program is not a HOPEww Volunteer Corps/HOPE Youth Corps – it’s HOPEww Adventure Corps! (For more information about the two Alaska HOPEww Volunteer Corps programs, click here.

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 The 2018 Alaska HOPE worldwide Adventure Corps will be the first program of its kind. Imagine going into the wild for two weeks. You will travel through the Alaskan wilderness, trek through mountains, learn how to survive in the wild, and have the opportunity to build your faith along the way. Participants will start their journey at our base camp, Gateway to the Arctic Camp. From there they will travel into the Alaskan backcountry for a 7-day backpacking trip. You’ll spend your time hiking through remote terrain, learning navigation methods, and even leading a small team.

The mission of Adventure Corps is to bring hope to the world through faith-based wilderness adventure programs that create courageous leaders of faith. Participants will grow in their knowledge of survival by learning fundamental wilderness skills. Participants will be able to understand basic weather patterns, use effective communication and critical thinking to overcome obstacles, practice effective leadership methods, and be able to properly identify and manage risks, all while experiencing an unforgettable expedition. Participants will learn these skills both in expedition settings and outdoor classroom settings. 
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The Alaska Adventure Corps will be a two-week long experience in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. The first 5 days are designed to teach Adventure Corps participants risk management, first aid, navigation, outdoor cooking, and basic outdoor trekking and camp skills. During the first 5 days participants will camp at Gateway to the Arctic Camp ( near Talkeetna, AK. During their stay at Gateway to the Arctic Camp participants will also facilitate a 2-day wilderness adventure camp for underprivileged youth and/or special needs youth and adults. That includes facilitating camp activities, serving as counselors (with proper supervision) and ensuring the campers are having fun and learning. After their first 5 days Adventure Corps participants will then begin their 7-day hike through the Alaskan backcountry. During these 7 days participants will be traveling 10-20 miles on foot per day. Participants will continue to learn wilderness survival skills and environmental education. Participants will work together to cook their own meals and set up camp sites. 

One of the most powerful aspects of the Adventure Corps is learning how to connect with God in completely new, out-of-the-box ways. Throughout the two weeks expect traditional HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps components (devotionals, d-groups, etc.) to be presented in different ways than what you may be used to. Expect to take ownership of your faith, and be prepared to be stretched in your faith like you never have been before. In order to facilitate this connection to God, we’ve also made it our policy to disconnect from technology. So, all Adventure Corps members will have limited access to their phones and technology throughout their time at the Gateway to the Arctic Camp. Time will be allotted for phone calls home, etc., but it will be limited. This will allow us to focus on serving and connecting with God. When we are on our 7-day backcountry hiking trip, Adventure Corps participants will have no access to their phone (there will be no service). Staff will be equipped with a satellite phone in case of emergency. 
If you want to experience adventure, build your faith in new and exciting ways, and gain skills that will equip you be a stronger leader, then join us in Alaska for the first ever Adventure Corps 2018. 

Dates: June 18 - July 1, 2018

Price (in US dollars): $1,500 plus flights

Deadline for registration and payment: May 1, 2018

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