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Global Service Interns

2018 Class

Eleanor Berensohn
Hello! My name is Eleanor Berensohn and I am a second year Communications major at the University of Washington. In 2015, I participated in my first HYC in Alaska and was deeply impacted. Ever since, I have been inspired to serve more in my community as well as pursue different career options that are based on volunteer work and global impact. I truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He has given me eternal life through grace, and because of this, I am called to act. This action not only means reaching out to people and sharing the gospel, but it also means serving them and being willing to lay my life down for anyone. It means that I should be willing to go anywhere to connect with others and show them the same love of Jesus that was shown me. 

I am so grateful that HOPE Youth Corps provides me, as well as so many others, the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way! I am humbled and very excited to be apart of the GSI these next two years! 

Steffi Cheong
My name is Steffi Cheong! I’m 21 this year and I’m from Singapore. I graduated with a diploma in Counseling and I am going to pursue my degree in Psychology in January next year at Murdoch University, an Australian University with a campus in Singapore. 

When I was 17, I had the incredible opportunity of attending one of the biggest HOPE Youth Corps in Chennai, India. I went there expecting to change the lives of people but came back realizing the person who needed the most change was myself. HYC has given me many opportunities to live like Jesus did and to walk in his steps and since then my life has never been the same! I went to the HOPE Youth Corps in Cebu, Philippines in 2015 and I’m excited to serve in Kathmandu, Nepal this year! I’m excited to grow and learn as the GSI and to be further molded into the Christian that God wants me to be! To God Be the Glory! 
Eleanor Frost
United Kingdom
Hello! My name is Eleanor Frost, I’m 20 years old and currently in my second year of university, studying International Development at King’s College London. 

In 2013, I had the opportunity of going on a HOPE Youth Corps to Chennai, India. This trip has had a long-lasting impact on me as it opened my eyes to Jesus’ character and the kind of service He desires of us. I was so inspired by my experience in India, it was a turning point in my relationship with God and changed the dreams I previously had for my life. Since then, I have had the opportunity to serve in Nepal in 2016 and to be on staff for Camp Hope for Kids (a partner organization of HOPE worldwide) this past summer. I’m so grateful for the experiences God has given me and I am so excited to see everything He continues to do through HOPE Youth Corps!
Xander Jung
My name is Xander Jung, I am 19 years old and currently in my second year of a specialist degree in Finance and Economics, with a minor in Political Science at the University of Toronto – St. George Campus. 

I had the opportunity to participate in my first HYC in Philadelphia back in 2015, helping inner-city youth to see a world outside of the environment they live in, through service and love. The program would forever change my outlook, revealing to me just how empty my walk with God would be without service. Becoming a GSI is an incredible honor and a great chance for me to grow in my humility and love for the poor. I am excited to continue my work with HOPE worldwide on a local and global scale but even more eager to witness the amazing things God will do through this program!
Mark Llorens
My name is Mark Llorens. I am in the Finance program at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. HOPE Youth Corps is truly something special. In 2015, I had the absolute pleasure to serve on HOPE Youth Corps in Bolivia. Through that experience, it gave me a new perspective to see the world through Jesus’ eyes. It gave me a desire to love and serve God and his people. It blows my mind that Jesus never once saw himself higher than anyone else, but constantly chose to love. I have been able to see the joy that comes from walking in Jesus’ footsteps. There is nothing better than living a life imitating Jesus and loving and serving his people.   
Dylan Panacheril
Hi! My name is Dylan Panacheril and I’m a third-year university student studying Engineering and Biomedical Science in Melbourne, Australia. I had the incredible opportunity to be part of the Zambia 2017 Volunteer Corps and after that trip, the value of service became clearer to me. I began to see that service has great value not only because it empowers people and helps them in their needs, but also because it fosters a deeper, more compassionate, and more Christ-like love in ourselves. 

To me, HOPE Youth/Volunteer Corps present very real and unique opportunities to do just this. Even though I went to Zambia to learn to give to others, I felt that I was the one who had been given to- it’s unbelievable how service can be such a two-way street! I am so excited to be a part of the GSI team, and I can’t wait to go on many adventures and learn more about service, leadership, and love!

Santiago Rios
My name is Santiago Rios and I am currently a junior studying International Relations at the University of Maryland. When I was 7 years old, I moved to the United States to live with my grandparents and left behind the rest of my friends and family in Bolivia. When I became a Christian over 4 years ago, God opened my eyes to the suffering around the world. My dream since then has been to help empower and transform impoverished communities throughout Latin America. 

I am grateful for life changing volunteer experiences I have gotten to be a part of through HOPE Youth Corps in Bolivia and the United States. Becoming a GSI is an incredible opportunity to develop the leadership skills necessary to best serve those in need. I am so excited to join a diverse group of talented, loving, and passionate people committed to living out the ministry of Jesus. 
Elizabeth Smith
My name is Elizabeth Smith and I am half-Indonesian and half-American. I will be graduating with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside. 

Growing up in Indonesia, I saw poverty at a young age. I moved to the United States in the first grade, but was able to return to Indonesia in the summer of 2013 as well as in 2016 to serve at the HOPE worldwide children's orphanage in Bogor. It was here that I saw just how much people desire to be loved and have hope. I learned that I can do this simply by holding their hand and listening to them. Jesus touched the lives of the poor and I want to imitate that example. I participated in my first HYC in Anchorage, Alaska in 2014 and another one in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017. HOPE Youth Corps has changed my life by showing me that through service we can find healing and forgiveness. I am grateful to be serving as a Global Service Intern and eager to learn more about Jesus' heart to love people deeply and be a servant. 

Madison Stringer
Hello there! I am Madison Stringer from Lyon, France. I'm a pre-med student at the University of Lyon with the hopes of becoming a doctor. 

When I moved to France from Calgary, Canada when I was nine years old, I began to become more aware of the state of the world. I started to learn more about the different cultures and life-styles, the gaps between the “First world countries” and the “developing countries”, and to a certain extent I felt drawn to the poor. However, it wasn't until I went on my first HYC in the Philippines in 2015 that all those statistics, stories and articles that I had read about became a reality. And it was on my past HYC in Zambia that my faith and convictions were pushed to another level; I felt the need more than ever to take action.

Being a part of GSI is such an honor. I'm so eager to have the opportunity to serve God and his kingdom through HOPE worldwide. Everything I have learned, the convictions I have made, the friendships I have built on these youth corps are what push me to serve. I'm so grateful for the things God that has enabled me to experience and they motivate me to give back to those who aren't as fortunate to the best of my ability. 
Joshua Vett
My name is Joshua Vett and I am a sophomore at Collin College in Dallas, Texas. HOPE Youth Corps has had a special place in my heart ever since my first one in Dallas in 2013, and ever since then I have been doing them every year. It showed me the power of serving, and how bonding it can be with the people you serve with. HYC inspired me to not limit serving to just programs, or trips, but make it a lifestyle. As a disciple for 5 years, it seems every year you learn something new, you fight a new battle. This past year has taught me so much about surrender, and that at some points in life there is nothing you can do but “be still.” But there is one thing we can always do, and that is serve. I am so grateful for opportunities like this!

2017 Class

Daniel Ajetunmobi
United Kingdom

Daniel Ajetunmobi-245010-edited.jpg
Hello! My name is Daniel Ajetunmobi, I am 20 years old and studying Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University London. I have recently finished my 2nd year at university and currently in my professional development year where I am working in industry as part of my degree.

As I continue to learn and grow more in my life as a Christian, it is clear to see how incredible Jesus’ love was and also how he showed that love through his total service of others. Through looking at the scriptures the calling for me to do the same is just as clear. I was able to go to the HYC in Kathmandu, Nepal over the Christmas and new year period of 2015. It was an experience that really brought the service of others in need to life for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to give to people in that way and it is amazing how one can give to others yet learn and gain so much from it back in unexpected ways. I am excited to be part of the GSI Team and really looking forward to growing in my service, leadership and relationship with God, not only for HYC but for my life as a whole!

Melina Cruz

My name is Melina Cruz and I am from Toronto, Canada. I graduated from York University with a B.A. in Psychology and I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I hope to be able to combine mental health education and therapy with ministry. Although I had heard many great things about HOPE Youth Corps growing up, it wasn't something I ever had a desire to try. However, when some of my close friends went on a HOPE Youth Corps they didn't just talk about how great it was, instead they took action and didn't let their experience go to waste. Their renewed faith and love impacted our whole campus ministry and caused me to re-evaluate my own heart towards service. Since then I was able to participate in my first HOPE Youth Corps in Bolivia 2015. It was an experience I will never forget as it was filled with laughter, dancing, tears, service and a profound understanding of who Jesus is. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, I know God will work powerfully through this program!
David Fleurant
David Fleurant.jpg
My name is David Fleurant, I am 20 years old and a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio studying professional writing. I've had the opportunity to serve at various HOPE worldwide events throughout my lifetime, but I went on my first HOPE Youth Corps in the summer of 2014 to Durban, South Africa. I expected to have a good time there while serving the poor and maybe make some new friends, but it far exceeded my expectations. Seeing the joy of the children we were spending time with despite their poverty touched my heart in a way that few things ever have. That experience really brought to life the scripture that says that "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." I've gone on a HYC both summers since then, to Kenya in 2015 and Vancouver this past summer. I'm so excited to have an opportunity to serve as a GSI, and I'm looking forward to learning from the other members and staff. Can't wait to help bring hope to more people and change even more lives!

Emma Fridley

Emma Senior Pic at Fence-188780-edited.jpg
My name is Emma Fridley and I am a third year Biochemistry major at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. In my five years of being a Christian, I have learned that nothing is more important to God than loving and serving like Jesus did. The heart of Jesus has fueled my love of volunteer service over the past few years and has inspired me to join the GSI to further that passion.  I have participated in five HYCs in Philadelphia, Honolulu, and Nairobi, all of which were unbelievably incredible experiences. I am ecstatic to continue to participate in the programs that have changed my life multiple times over, and I hope to witness many other lives be changed as well! I aspire to be a Physician Assistant and travel to medically underserved areas all around the world. I will be living in La Paz, Bolivia working at the HOPE worldwide clinic as a certified nursing assistant for 6 months in 2017, a huge first step in fulfilling my dreams for God.
Joy Garcia

Joy Garcia-105408-edited.jpg
Hello! I am Joy Garcia, I am a Junior at Haskell Indian Nations University studying Business Administration in Lawrence, Kansas. Traveling to Bolivia on my first HOPE Youth Corps, opened my eyes to the way Jesus desires for his people to serve the poor. All throughout the gospels we see Jesus serving others. Not only did he spiritually save souls, but he also helped people with their physical and emotional needs. Jesus brought hope and healing to a world of heartache, loneliness and pain. I believe I am called to imitate the same and show Jesus to others because he is still changing lives the same way today! Since traveling to Bolivia, I have added pre-nursing to my studies. I dream to move to South America and serve medically with HOPE worldwide . When I think of truly giving up everything for God, I think of leaving the comfort of my home and moving abroad to dedicate my life to serving others. I am grateful for GSI that we, not only, have the opportunity to put Jesus’ ministry into action, but we can also inspire others to embody the same heart for the needy.  
Louis Le Noan
Louis Le Noan-506360-edited.jpg
My name is Louis Le Noan, I'm from Paris, France, and I am a part of the Paris Church of Christ. I am currently doing my Master's degree in mathematics here in Paris, in hope to become a teacher. I love serving God and his people. I had the opportunity to go to the HOPE Youth Corps in New Delhi in 2014 and it helped me learn more about putting in practice an important aspect of Jesus' life: serving the community. I am very excited to be part of GSI and will do my best to serve those I can and continue to learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ in every way possible!

2016 Class

Zaynab Atsegbua
United Kingdom/ Nigeria / USA
My name is Zaynab, I’m in my second year of university studying early childhood studies with psychology at the University of East London (UEL).  I had the opportunity to participate in my first HYC in Jakarta this past summer- which was an incredible experience. I made some lifelong friends, learned so much about God, and was refined by every moment of it. The joy from these experiences, amongst others, eradicates the search for self-fulfillment, as I’ve found true fulfilment comes from serving others- as Jesus himself, came to serve and not be served. 

I’ve learned a lot this year about the heart of a servant and God’s love, and through this GSI, I hope to learn even more, and be an instrument in portraying that to people from all over the world. Zaynab will serve as an intern for the Philadelphia 1 HYC in 2016.

Mariah Boger 
My name is Mariah Boger and I currently a freshman at Purdue University. I am currently studying Human Services with the intention of working with a non-profit organization and helping children. I was so excited to do my first HOPE Youth Corps in Denver during the summer of 2014. Little did I know that serving in Colorado would change my perspective on serving entirely and take me down a totally different career path. Being able to serve on HYC in La Paz, Bolivia in 2015 only spurred my passion for helping others. Serving with HOPE worldwide has created lifelong friendships and truly deepened my relationship with God. God has opened my eyes to so many things in the last couple of years and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for me on GSI. Mariah will serve as an intern for the Philadelphia 2 HYC in 2016.

Howard Cheng

My name is Howard Cheng and I am from Sydney, Australia and I am part of the Sydney Church of Christ. I am currently a third-year student studying a bachelor of business and Arts at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Developmental studies. Eventually, I would like to work for an NGO or serve in the full time ministry. I have had the pleasure to travel and serve in a few places globally. I have previously participated on the HOPE Youth Corps in India (New Delhi), Fiji and Philippines. I’ve had the time of my life serving in these Youth Corps, and can’t wait to continue to serve and lead in many more whilst connecting with God! Howard will serve as an intern for the Papua New Guinea HYC in 2016.

Hannah Desouza
United Kingdom

My name is Hannah Desouza and I am from the UK. After graduating from King’s College London this year with a BA in English Language and Literature, I have recently begun a Masters degree in Victorian Literature at the University of Oxford. My interest lies in the effect that Darwin’s theory of evolution had on Christian authors in this period, and I will be writing my thesis on the compatibility of faith and doubt. 

I first heard about HOPE Youth Corps from my elder sister in 2009. In fact, it was her excitedly telling me about her experience, and the hearts of the young people she served with, that prompted me to study the Bible and I became a disciple later that year! Since then, I have been able to experience for myself the joy that comes from walking in Jesus’ footsteps through service—taking part in HYCs in Scotland and Birmingham (UK), Bolivia, as well as various HOPE worldwide programs in England and Mexico—and I have yet to find something I find more fulfilling! Hannah will serve as an intern for the Papua New Guinea and Manila, Philippines HYC in 2016.
Haley Eskew
My name is Haley Eskew and I grew up in Orange County, California. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia last fall to attend Georgia Tech, where I am a second year studying Biomedical Engineering. My parents have always had a heart for the poor and they raised me and my sister to have the same heart.  After years of local service projects,  I went on my first HOPE Youth Corps to Dallas, Texas in 2011. I was absolutely amazed by everything I saw and experienced there, I had never been surrounded by so many people my age that truly loved God and loved serving the way they did. I have been blessed enough to go on an HYC every summer since then (to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Durban South Africa and Budapest, Hungary. HYC and HOPE worldwide have had such an enormous impact on my walk with God. I’m so excited to be a part of GSI and be able to serve others and learn how to be more like Jesus! Haley will serve as an intern for the China HYC in 2016.

David Louis

My name is David Louis, I am 21 years old and a freshman at Texas A&M University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I was born and raised in Singapore and recently migrated to the U.S. to pursue my degree, after having served in the Singapore military for 2 years. Growing up, I’ve had the great joy of serving in various HOPE worldwide programs in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. In 2010, I expanded my HOPE worldwide involvement to India by attending a Winter HYC. It was a paradigm-shifting experience for me because it radically changed my views on what giving should be and what God’s will is for us who have been given much. I am incredibly humbled and excited to learn from the GSI members and staff. I will give my very best to glorify God through the serving of the less fortunate. David will serve as an intern on both the Jamaica and Vancouver HYCs in 2016.

Marin Lusk

My name is Marin Lusk and currently I am a sophomore at the University of Colorado in the beautiful city of Boulder. I am studying Integrative Physiology with a minor in Leadership Studies. Having the opportunity to live in Thailand and the Philippines at a young age sparked my passion to serve the poor and needy. Since becoming a Christian in 2010 that passion has grown as I now strive to live with the love and humility of Christ. I participated in my first HYC in Philadelphia in 2013 and returned again last summer as part of the Camp Hope for Kids Leadership Academy. Both programs in Philly changed my life as I learned the difference between just giving and giving my whole heart. I look forward to continuing my work with HOPE worldwide by serving on the GSI and spreading God’s love through service both locally and abroad.  Marin will serve as an intern on the Vancouver HYC in 2016.

Matthew Ruppert

My name is Matt Ruppert and I was born, raised and furthermore stayed in New Jersey all my life, and even now for university. I never imagined leaving New Jersey for anything, until in 2011 the opportunity arose for me to serve on the Dallas HYC. After much convincing of my parents, my life was forever changed and a spark for leadership and service was ignited, ultimately, leading me to the adventure of a Luke 9:23 pursuit of Jesus. Since then, I have served in both Philadelphia and India as well as on the NYAC for HOPE worldwide . It was through my experiences during HYC where I made friendships that have remained to this day and where God cultivated in me a grateful heart. It is through the GSI that I look forward to fanning into the flame, which are the hearts of young men and women, to help them realize who they are and can be in Christ. Matt will serve as an intern on the Budapest, Hungary and the Kathmandu, Nepal HYC in 2016.

Tristen Sleeper

My name is Tristen Sleeper and I am a third-year university student from Boston, MA, currently studying Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Growing up, I had many opportunities to visit my mother’s homeland: Dominican Republic. Witnessing the hardships people faced in a third-world country, God was able to cultivate in me a heart for those in need. I have since had many opportunities to serve in different capacities over the years including a HOPE Youth Corps in Philadelphia, participating in the HOPE worldwide Personal Fitness Challenge, and serving on the National Youth Advisory Council. I am very honored and excited to be a part of the GSI and am excited to see what God has in store this year! Tristen will serve as an intern on the Philadelphia 3 HYC in 2016.

Sean Tan

My name is Sean Tan, I am 21 years old and a freshman in National University of Singapore (NUS) majoring in Social work. I have spent most of my growing up years in Singapore and served in the Singapore army for 2 years. The HOPE worldwide programs in Singapore, Malaysia and even India have given me an opportunity to see God work  and how he can be known through serving the less fortunate! I pray that I will be able to grow in my love for the less fortunate; learn from the Godly men and women around me and to mature in my love and understanding of Christ!  I am psyched for this incredible opportunity! To God be all the glory! Sean will serve as an intern for the Philadelphia 2 and the Thailand HYC in 2016.

Zherui (Malcolm) Tan

Hi! My name is Malcolm Tan and I’m from the little red dot, Singapore. I am a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston, majoring in Biochemistry. I’ve had the privilege to be a part of the HYC in Jakarta (2015) and it was nothing short of a phenomenal experience. I’ve learned that a sincere and willing heart to serve others wholeheartedly is all it takes to allow God to empower us to do the great and unthinkable; and as a GSI, I am grateful and honored to be given the opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire others to accomplish amazing things for God. Malcolm will serve as an intern for the China HYC in 2016.

Cameron Taylor

My name is Cameron Taylor, and I live, serve and go to school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I became a disciple in August 2011, and since then have had many opportunities to serve with the Halifax-Dartmouth Church of Christ and our local Halifax HOPE worldwide chapter. These opportunities have included serving with the weekly Sunday Supper program that serves warm meals to the hungry, hurting and homeless in our city, as well as helping out with a local clinic in our city that provides foot care to those who are financially and physically disadvantaged. I am currently in my 3 rd year at Saint Mary’s University, where I am taking a major in Biology with a minor in Religious Studies. I hope to have the opportunity to attend medical school in order to better serve those who are in need both in my city and around the world. Since participating on HOPE Youth Corps in Philadelphia, U.S.A and Delhi, India, my desire to bring hope and change lives has been deepened. My prayer is that God allows me to meet physical and spiritual needs wherever He may take me. The opportunity to be on the GSI will prayerfully allow me to learn and grow in these areas. Cameron will serve as an intern on the Philadelphia 1 HYC in 2016.

Kiara Yeatman

My name is Kiara Yeatman, and I am a senior at the great Clemson University in Clemson, SC. I graduate in May 2016 with a degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Spanish. I have grown up all over the world— I was born in Milan, Italy and have lived in Massachusetts, Virginia, India, and South Carolina. My passion for serving the poor exploded when my family lived in New Delhi, India for three years and I saw first-hand that most of the world does not live as we do in the United States. I not only saw people’s physical needs, but also their need to be loved, need to have hope, need to be believed in, and need to ultimately know Jesus. Since then, I have served on a mission team to Bangkok, Thailand, served as a HOPE ww volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia, and participated in an impacting HOPE Youth Corps in Kingston, Jamaica. I have also been a member of HOPEww’s National Youth Advisory Council since 2014. I hope and plan to go into the medical field to one day serve others in developing countries. My passion and drive to serve has only increased since my time in India, and I feel honored to be a part of the GSI and see what God does! Kiara will serve as an intern on the Philadelphia 3 and the Kathmandu, Nepal HYC in 2016.

2015 Class

Becca Budgett

United Kingdom

My name is Becca Budgett and I’m from London. I am currently studying Human Sciences at University College London (UCL) and am in my second year. I took a gap year before heading to university during which I volunteered for various charities, including a homeless program run by HOPE worldwide UK. I also had the opportunity to serve on my first HOPE Youth Corps in Malaysia. It was an unforgettable experience and I was able to build lifelong friendships and learn so much about myself and God whilst serving others. Since then, I have had the privilege of leading a HYC in Hungary and I also went on HYC in Nepal. HYCs have impacted my life in so many ways and I am so grateful to be able to serve on the GSI and continue to love and serve the poor, just like Jesus did. Becca served as intern for the Budapest HYC in 2015 and is serving as intern for the Jamaica HYC in 2016.

Sahai Fleurant
United States/Kenya

My name is Sahai Fleurant and I am a nursing major in College Station, Texas. In the past 5 years I have had the amazing opportunity to serve with HOPE Youth Corps and AmeriCorps in Philadelphia, Haiti, Dallas, India and South Africa. Being able to participate in these trips have been the most rewarding things that I have been able to do and I feel that the HYCs have been a very important part of keeping me faithful for the past 5 years. Going on these trips and having these experiences have kept me involved with Gods kingdom around the world and has given me an opportunity to first hand see God actively working in the lives of people for the advancement of his kingdom. My hope is to one day work with HOPE worldwide full time, working with underprivileged children. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be on the GSI and I hope that through this I can grow, learn and hopefully inspire others. Sahai served as intern for the Kenya and Philadelphia HYCs in 2015 and is serving as an intern in Kenya again in 2016.

Noah Kreider
United States / Canada

My name is Noah Kreider. I am in the Business and Society program at York University in Toronto, Ontario. I am a huge fan of HOPE Youth Corps because in 2012, after I attended HYC Dallas, my heart was transformed. This helped me realize that I wanted to make my life about living like Jesus by serving God and his people. Since then, I haven’t stopped going on Youth Corps and I don’t plan to stop. I want to inspire the youth around the world to dream for helping those that are poor, lost, or in need. I’m excited to be on the Global Service Internship to use what I have learned and been inspired by to help do the same for others. Noah served as intern of the Bolivia HYC in 2015 and is serving as an intern for the Croatia and the Philippines HYC in 2016.

Jiah Park
United States


My name is Jiah Park, and I’m from Los Angeles. I am currently pursuing a BA in Global Studies. As a GSI, I’ve had the privilege of going to Hawaii, Philadelphia, Croatia, and Chicago for HOPE Youth Corps. HYC has dramatically changed my perspective of God, the world, and those in need. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn as a Global Service Intern, and I hope to use what I have learned here to improve the world and continue to serve!

Eric Roberson
United States

My name is Eric Roberson and I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a degree in Psychology. I am now a full-time intern with the Chicago Church of Christ campus ministry. One of my first involvements with HOPE worldwide was in 2010 when I was blessed to be able to serve in Philadelphia. Since then I have become a member of HOPE worldwide’s National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC) and have enjoyed being able to plan various service opportunities and fundraisers in Chicago. I am so grateful to be a GSI and have the opportunity to serve others throughout the world in a fun and exciting way. Eric served as intern for the Hawaii HYC in 2015 and is serving as the intern for the Chicago HYC in 2016.

Dennis Wachira

My name is Dennis Wachira, and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and I moved to the United States when I was 8 years old. I’m in my final year at the University of Missouri pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy. My first HOPE Youth Corps was in 2013 in Philadelphia.  I also took a personal trip in 2014 to Mukuru slums in Kenya and volunteered at the HOPE worldwide  clinic inside the slum.  HOPE Youth Corps has changed my life forever, and being a GSI has taught me first hand how to walk with Jesus. God has blessed me with a strong interest in the medical field and a need to serve others. I am passionate about enabling people to have a service that I can easily take for granted now days. I originated from an economically disadvantaged area in Kenya, where many people could not afford to go to school or seek medical attention. I understand the plight of poverty and the dire need of necessary resources that many may take for granted. I’m excited to be a Global Service Intern because i get to work alongside other youths that are committed to make a positive change in this world.  Dennis served as intern for the Jamaica HYC in 2015 and is serving as the intern for Kenya in 2016.

2014 Class

Our first class (2014) of Global Service Interns (GSI) recently completed their two-year term of service. Most of the group has now graduated from university and are either working in a secular job (several of them in the non-profit field), or in the full-time ministry, leading teen or campus groups. We are grateful for this group who are also now helping to mentor the newer classes of GSI. Many also are continuing to help lead HOPE Youth Corps or Singles Corps programs when needed.

Aaron Arcilla 

My name is Aaron Arcilla and I am from Melbourne, Australia and I am a part of the Melbourne Church of Christ. I received my bachelor of commerce at Deakin University, majoring in Accounting and Finance and now am working full-time in the corporate world. I help lead the teen ministry in the Melbourne church and I’m praying about someday serving in the full-time ministry. I had the pleasure to go on my first HOPE Youth Corps in Chennai, India in December 2013. I have served as the intern for the 2014 HYC in New Delhi, India, as well as the Philippines HYC in December 2015.  It was truly an amazing experience to go to a developing country, serve others, grow in my love and compassion, but also to learn so much about myself and have my spiritual character refined. I can confidently say that there is nothing like serving at a HYC and I want to continue to help those in need, wherever it may be, and at the same time keep growing closer to God!

Ryan Bovard 
United States

My name is Ryan Bovard and I am a Junior at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in Public Health with a minor in Communication Studies. I had the amazing opportunity to serve in India, the Bahamas, and Hawaii through HOPE Youth Corps. I am also a member of the HOPE worldwide Charlotte Chapter Advisory Board where I help plan and implement local service projects, and the founder of the UNCC Disciples on Campus chapter. I am pursuing a career in healthcare administration and program development/implementation so that I can continue to glorify God by serving others!

Hannah (Burke) Schachinger
United States

My name is Hannah Schachinger and I recently graduated from the University of Georgia in the stunning college town of Athens, Georgia. I am studied journalism and I hope to use my degree to advocate for underserved communities and individuals. I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in my first HOPE Youth Corps in Philadelphia the summer after my sophomore year of high school. This initial HYC experience instilled a love and passion for service that I have not been able to get rid of since. I loved giving my heart away to both the people I served and served alongside. I served as an AmeriCorps intern in 2012 in both Philadelphia and Anchorage and was a part of the Community Service Fellows program in 2013 in Philadelphia. Because of HOPE worldwide , I have not only built lifelong friendships, but I have been able to see and experience firsthand Jesus’ heart for others.   Congrats to Hannah who got married in January 2016!

Amalia Del Cid

My name is Amalia Del Cid and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I am a graduate of  George Brown College, where I studied Social Work. I would like to work for a non-profit in the future and serve in communities in need in Canada and also in developing countries worldwide. I have served on HOPE Youth Corps in the Bahamas, and South Africa which were both humbling and amazing experiences that completely changed my world view. I was able to serve as an intern on the HYC in Kingston, Jamaica in 2015. I am extremely grateful to have been a Global Service Intern and have learned so much through the hands on training and hope to continue to use it to show Jesus to others. 

Rachel Louis

My name is Rachel Louis and I’m a graduate of the National University of Singapore, with a degree in English Language and Linguistics major. I am currently volunteering with the campus ministry in Singapore. I have grown up volunteering with HOPE worldwide in Malaysia and have had the privilege of going on the HOPE Youth Corps three times: India (2010, 2013) and Malaysia (2014).  In 2016, I served as an intern on the Philadelphia HYC and Jakarta HYC.  My goal is to love like Jesus did and I believe serving as a GSI member helped to keep me on the right track while helping me to inspire others to do the same, no matter where God takes me.

Kevin Lum
United States

My name is Kevin Lum and I work as a Civil Engineer in Lexington, KY. I also help with the Lexington Chapter of HOPE worldwide to serve the community and abroad. I have had the opportunity to travel and serve in many places globally. Some of the HOPE Youth Corps that I have been on were to Haiti, Philadelphia, Dallas, and South Africa.  These experiences along with many others have changed my perspective on what it means to live out the life of a Christian. I am very fortunate to be one of the members on GSI and hope to use these experiences to develop convictions and inspire others to live as Jesus did.

Josiah Lung
United States

My name is Josiah Lung, and I am a student at Boston College in Boston, MA, double-majoring in Finance and Operations Management with a minor in History. Prior to GSI, I was blessed to serve on HOPE Youth Corps Philadelphia in 2012 and AmeriCorps in Atlanta in 2013. Last year, as a member of GSI, I was fortunate to take part in HOPE Youth Corps in Kingston, Jamaica.  I was able to serve as an intern on the HYC in China in 2015. Locally, I have had the chance to help coordinate and participate in Hoops 4 HOPE, a 24-hour basketball fundraiser that has raised around $200,000 in the past 6 years. I also serve as the co-director of social media for the HOPE worldwide Boston Chapter. These opportunities have cultivated my passion to serve others and have given me a vision regarding the incredible ways through which I can help those less fortunate.

Alexandra Mobeka
United States

My name is Alexandra Mobeka and I am currently studying economics at Columbia University in New York City. Since becoming a Christian, I have fallen in love with Jesus’ passion and compassion for the poor. It is this passion that drove me to apply for GSI. Prior to joining GSI I was able to serve in the inaugural HYC Bahamas (2010) as well as on HYC Atlanta (2013). As a GSI member, I hope to be able to see more holistically the needs of others and to learn how to meet those needs more deeply and permanently. Through GSI I hope to learn how to realistically meet the needs of those poorer than me both socioeconomically and spiritually and to further my understanding of Jesus’ compassion.

Martin Philix

My name is Martin Philix and I am from the Central Christian Church in Singapore.  I am a graduate of the National University of Singapore with a major in Chemistry.  I have been on 2 HOPE Youth Corps, both to India and they have been nothing short of awesome! I also was able to serve as an intern on the Jakarta HYC in 2015. Serving on the GSI has been a privilege and the HOPE Youth Corps has allowed me to learn so much both from the participants and the training we receive. My hope is that more people will want to participate in the HOPE Youth Corps and get inspired as I was, am and hope to be in the future!

Emily Shapiro
United States

My name is Emily Shapiro and I was born and raised in beautiful Athens, Georgia. My first interaction with HOPE worldwide was being able to participate in the HYC in Kenya. I consider this trip (in more ways than one) one of the most pinnacle moments in my spiritual life. Since this trip, I have participated in HOPE Youth Corps in both Philadelphia, Alaska, and Hawaii. I’ve also served as a member of the HOPE worldwide National Youth Advisory Council in past years. I graduated from college while working in the ministry in Asheville, North Carolina. Upon the completion of my degree, I moved to Philadelphia to serve as HOPE worldwide’s  International Volunteers Programs Coordinator.  During this time, I also served as intern on the HYC to Kathmandu, Nepal in 2015. After working for HOPE worldwide for a year and a half, I am now serving as a full-time intern with the Youth and Family Ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina. God has truly blessed me in ways that I could not have ever imagined, but out of them all, the greatest gift is being able to live a life of incredible adventure with Him.

Nick Shoff
United States

My name is Nick Shoff, and I am finishing school at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. I was born and raised in San Diego, Tokyo, Connecticut, and Boston. I was privileged and honored to be on the National Youth Advisory Council in 2013 and I have been thrilled to serve as a Global Service Intern.  I was able to serve as intern for the HYC in Kenya in 2015. Over my life I have been involved in many HOPE worldwide programs and have seen the incredible impact it brings to so many. Because of HOPE worldwide , I was inspired to start my own company, JamQuest Hoops, which has raised over $55,000 for children in need and has allowed me to speak to thousands of students about changing the world! I am so excited to see what HOPE worldwide becomes and the lives it changes as well as doing my part to making a positive difference in this world in the name of Jesus!

Esther Templer
India/United States/Australia

Hi, my name is Esther Templer. When I was six months old, I was adopted into a strong Christian family. I grew up in England and in India, but spent the majority of my childhood in India. India is a part of me; it was where I was born, where I was baptized in 2006, and it has shaped me and into who I am today. Some of the memories I have of India are of the HOPE Youth Corps I participated in 2007, 2011, 2013, and 2014. Living in India, and partaking in service, showed me what unconditional love looks like. It taught me how to be more like Jesus, and care for the needy around us. I am a graduate of Seattle Pacific University majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Social Sciences. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, where I help lead the teen ministry. I was able to serve as an intern for the HYC in China and the Philippines in 2015.

Jared Vassallo

My name is Jared Vassallo and I am from the amazing city of Melbourne, Australia. I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Teaching.  I currently am leading the Young Professional ministry in the Melbourne Church of Christ. I have had the privilege of going on two HOPE Youth Corps to India (2013) as well as Malaysia (2014) as a participant and have served as an intern on the HYCs in Budapest, Hungary and Fiji in 2015. It is incredible how much you learn about God whilst you are serving the poor and I consider that invaluable. It is safe to say I am addicted to going out on these sites and trying my hardest to serve the people I go there with as well as the communities we are so lucky to go help. 

Brandon Yi
United States

My name is Brandon Yi, and I am a graduate of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, with a degree in History. I currently serve as a full-time intern in the Youth and Family ministry in the Potomac Valley (Virginia) Church of Christ. Having grown up living in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and the United States all before I turned 11 years old, helped me to see the plight of others worldwide, helping to grow a conviction in my own life, to try and help others, domestically or internationally. I have participated in 4 HOPE Youth Corps, all in Philadelphia, helping inner-city kids to see the world outside the urban landscape in front of them, teaching them and myself to look beyond what we see everyday. I also served as intern of the Philadelphia HYC in 2015. Being a member of the GSI is a great honor, a fantastic opportunity for me to grow in my humility and love in helping the poor and helpless, as well as a way for me to share what I have learned throughout the years in HOPE Youth Corps. 
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