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New Zealand HVC

We invite you to join us in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand for a unique HOPEww Volunteer Corps experience in December 2018.

New Zealand is a modern first-world English speaking country with a deep foundation on the traditional Maori culture, and a rich relationship to our unspoiled natural beauty. The HOPEww Volunteer Corps program will be based in Auckland, the largest city, which has a multi-cultural population, a growing, cosmopolitan outlook, and a mild climate suited to being outdoors.  

Despite (or maybe because of) New Zealand’s many advantages there are also many problems. A growing population as a result of immigration has put pressure on housing, pushing up the cost of living, and leading to homelessness. With poverty comes a range of other problems including poor health, drugs and addiction, crime, family violence, and suicide. The love of Christ is needed here as much as anywhere else. 

In order to help address these growing needs, program participants will work primarily at a local marae (Maori community meeting place) located in one of the poorest parts of the city. The work will be varied but will center around developing and helping the marae’s large community gardens. The gardens help provide food for those in the community who are in need, and help to address the problems of health and poor nutrition, as well as re-connecting the urban community to the land. In addition, participants will be formally greeted with a traditional Maori welcome at the marae. 

The program will culminate in providing a Christmas meal at the marae for those in the local community who are in need. To create the meal we will use food grown at the marae, as well as donated food and wild pork that has been hunted by members of the church.


While the marae will be the center of the program, there will be plenty of time for experiencing the many great things New Zealand has to offer. Participants will explore the city and share their faith, go to the beach, fellowship with the Auckland Church disciples, go on bushwalks, or do canoeing, cycling, fishing or other outdoor pursuits. 

The ultimate focus of the program is to nourish the soul, and bring us closer to Christ and to one another through serving, sharing, deep bible studies and devotionals led by experienced program leaders, times of prayer, and spreading the gospel.

We hope to see you in Auckland in 2018!
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